The Best Carpet Cleaners Know That Carpet Padding Matters

When you get carpet cleaning help and advice from the best carpet cleaner, Zerorez®, you can be sure that we'll tell you that what goes under your rug is just as important as the rug itself. Carpet padding is often the forgotten component when our customers choose their carpeting. While they pore over carpet samples to figure out which colors and piles they like, they usually just go with whatever kind of carpet padding the salesman tells them they should have. Here's what you should know about the different types of carpet padding so that you can choose wisely:

✦ Bonded Urethane or Rebond is the most common type of residential carpet padding sold in America. It's made from recycled materials, mainly recycled urethane foam, and is multi-colored. Rebond is available at almost every carpet retailer in multiple densities and thicknesses. It's also a good all-purpose padding that is reasonably-priced. You should know, though, that there are different levels of quality when it comes to rebond; reputable carpet dealers will usually sell a top-quality product while others will sell whatever is the cheapest. If you choose rebond as your carpet padding, make sure the grade of padding you select matches the grade of carpeting. If your carpeting is designed to last 15 years, your padding should, too.

✦ Urethane Foam Padding is inexpensive and lightweight and is likely going to be the type of padding that is offered for free from a carpeting retailer. Unfortunately, this type of padding won't stand up to much traffic and will compress fairly quickly. It is most often used in rental properties where carpeting is changed more often and is not a great choice for a family home.

✦ Prime Urethane Foam is a slightly higher-grade, denser padding than lightweight urethane foam padding. This type of padding isn't made from recycled materials like rebond which means it compresses faster with use. It is, however, becoming more common as a residential carpet padding though it still doesn't offer the kind of cushion that rebond does.

✦ Wool or Synthetic Fiber Padding is a good choice if you are buying Berber or other types of looped carpeting. Whether they're made of natural wool or synthetic fibers, these types of padding are extremely dense, breathe well and can keep carpeting from stretching and developing wrinkles. If you are installing carpeting in your basement, this type of padding is a good choice because of its breathability and the fact that it is mold- and mildew-resistant.

As the best carpet cleaner in Henderson, NV, we've seen a lot of carpeting that wasn't supported by the right padding. Make sure you learn as much as you can about padding as well as carpeting the next time you're shopping for new floor covering. Once your carpeting is installed, keep it clean and looking like new by vacuuming weekly, cleaning up spills and calling us at Zerorez for yearly professional cleanings. We are the best carpet cleaner in Henderson, NV and southeastern Nevada. Give us a call at (702) 567-0016 or visit

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