The Dangers of Cleaning an Area Rug Yourself

Your high-quality area rug is a valuable piece of property, and it deserves the best care. Learn how to clean an area rug properly to protect that investment. Regular maintenance and thorough cleanings can make your area rug last longer.

How to Clean an Area Rug: DIY Area Rug Maintenance

The best way to clean an area rug can vary depending on the type of rug. The materials used in its construction determine the best way to clean an area rug. Look for a label on your rug to see if it includes cleaning tips. In general, though most area rugs benefit from the following:
Vacuuming - Regularly use a vacuum to clean your area rug. Use a low setting on shag rugs to make sure you don't get the fibers tangled. This helps to remove dirt that will make your rug look bad, smell bad, and wear out fast. If your rug has fringe around the edges, keep the vacuum off of that. Otherwise, vacuum your area rug as thoroughly as possible, including the other side of reversible rugs.
Rotation - Your rug will wear out due to its exposure to sunlight or foot traffic. Rotate your rug periodically to help it wear evenly and prevent it from getting uneven.
Brushing - Sometimes your vacuum isn't enough to clean an area rug, especially if you have pets in the house. Use a rug brush to lift hairs and other clingy contaminants. Brush in the direction of the fibers of your rug to help ensure you don't damage them.
Shaking - Try taking your rug outside or to the garage to shake it out. You can even hang some rugs up somewhere and hit them to dislodge dirt.

Can I Clean My Area Rug Myself?

Using some of the maintenance tips above can help you care for your rug. Even if you follow all of that advice, some cleaning will require a professional. Tough stains are best left to the experts. It's also best to get your rugs professionally cleaned every so often regardless of stains. Professional area rug cleaning helps the rugs last longer.

Is My Area Rug Different Than Carpet?

Some cleaning works the same for both carpet and area rugs, but there are also significant differences. For one, carpet is made with the understanding that all cleaning will come from the top, so it's easier to vacuum. Rugs don't always have the same plastic at the bottom, so they trap dirt and germs at the base of their fibers. Sometimes rugs require a thorough cleaning with specialized equipment, and in those cases, you may not be able to clean your area rug in your home.

Area Rug Cleaning Products

Be careful about which area rug cleaning products you trust. The wrong product can discolor or otherwise damage your rug. Be wary of products that advise you to start with a "test area" on your rug, because this implies a chance that the chemicals could damage your fibers. Area rug cleaning products are also likely to leave some residue in the rug unless it is thoroughly rinsed.

These chemicals can harm the rug itself, and they may also carry health risks to you, your pets, or children. Look for products without harmful chemicals, and use a process that doesn't leave any residue. This is the safest option for rug cleaning, and it will also help the rug last a long time.

Cleaning Area Rugs Without Chemicals

Chemicals can make your rug faded or yellow, and may even create split fibers. Reduce your risk by using chemical-free rug cleaning. Unfortunately, thorough rug cleaning without chemicals will require specialized equipment. Cleaning an area rug without chemicals is difficult, but it is worth it to protect your rug and your home. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, entrust the job to a professional.

Professional Area Rug Carpet Cleaning Services

Use a professional rug cleaning service to help your rug last longer. Professional services can create a deeper clean than DIY rug cleaning methods. This is especially important to protect those who suffer from allergies. If your rug sees a lot of traffic, get a professional cleaning at least once a year. If you don't use your rug very often, you can reduce your professional cleanings to every few years. Even if you don't walk on your rug, it's still important to let an expert remove allergens and bacteria.

Area Rug Cleaning Near Me

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