The Right Philosophy

Jeff Christensen and his team of scientists found a way to neutralize the pH of electrolyzed water to create pHur™, the most effective yet safest Zr Process® in the marketplace today.



Just two years ago, the University of North Carolina Johnston Health Care Center ranked dead last in the state in cleanliness evaluation and bacterial testing.

Today, they're No. 1.

How did they do it? By using pHur™, a manufacturing and servicing startup that created the most effective yet safest Zr Process® in the marketplace today.

The product is so natural and pure that it is made from "the same solution our bodies create naturally to fight infection," says pHur President and CEO Jeff Christensen.

When you talk about breakthroughs, this one ranks among the motherloads.

pHur was developed by an all-star team of water experts, led by Christensen, who has devoted most of his life to clean, wholesome living - life without toxic disinfectants.

"It's the best way to live," he says. "It's unbelievable how dependent Americans are on toxic chemicals. People eliminate all kinds of pollutants in their life like gluten and GMOs but when they bend down and reach under their sink, they grab Lysol or Mr. Clean or 409, which contain chemicals that can kill you.

"To change this paradigm and get people to use what is a very safe modified water to kill 99 percent of known bacteria well, is a cause worth fighting for."


For more than a century, the world has had one way to disinfect — chemically. In an attempt to "mask odors," companies created products with "sweet scents, pretty packaging and plant-derived promises, but they still function like bleach with a bow on it," Christensen says.

With years of cleaning industry experience, Christensen understood the unique properties of the electrochemical activation of water and how 11-12 pH can safely and effectively clean and degrease.

From a standing start in 2003, Christensen and his team first built Zerorez® into a $4 million, 24-truck surface-cleaning operation in Southern California.

"I also knew the amazing germ, mold, fungus killing power of the low sub-7 end of the pH scale and that if we could commercialize this disinfecting water without corrosion it would revolutionize the way the world kills bacteria," he says.

Every year, two million innocent patients acquire infections in and from the hospital they count on to heal them. And, a staggering 75,000 of them die due to these hospital-acquired infections.

As Christensen began to comprehend this man-made epidemic largely due to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, like MRSA and C-diff, he became more and more convinced of the need for a product like pHur.

"I was determined to expose the fact that toxic, chemical disinfectants require 10-minute wet dwell time — which none of us have time for — and to redefine the way the world disinfects," he says.

In 2015, Christensen and his business partner, Bryan Holland, founded pHur after establishing a strategic partnership with Aquaox, LLC, whose engineers had perfected a generator capable of modifying water and stabilizing it at a neutral pH capable of killing bacteria on contact.

Christensen also reeled in two of the world's leading water experts - Michel van Schaik and Mark Nagano - to help create pHur and change the world.

van Schaik, CEO of Aquaox, is a pioneer in Electrochemical Activated Water technology. He is considered the foremost expert in the development and use of ECA technology for green environmental cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare field. He developed pHur's proprietary electrolytic cells and computerized ECA Water generators.

Nagano, a Vice President at Greenspeed, LLC, pioneered the development and commercialization of electrolyzed water, food waste bio digesters and nanobubble technology.

"Our formula is pure and simple — it's water + salt + a whole lot of science," Christensen says with a smile.

After years of R&D testing and implementation, pHur is registered with the EPA on both federal and state levels as a broad spectrum disinfectant.

"If you buy organic and hormone free at the market, if you repeatedly wipe down counters, if you strive to live naturally, your philosophy is the same as ours: we've redefined the way you disinfect everything from the toilet and kitchen counters to your toddler's toys," Christensen says.

The science behind pHur is its use of electrochemical activation technology to transform water, the earth's most natural solvent.

"At a precise, neutral pH level, softened water takes on powerful, yet completely safe, disinfecting properties," Christensen says.

pHur and Aquaox's revolutionary technology stabilizes water at this level in a safe, stable and yet safe way that is proven effective against 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses, including MRSA, C.diff, E.coli, and Salmonella.

"Remarkably, this water mimics the very hypochlorous solution our bodies create naturally to fight infection," Christensen says. "It is so safe that it passed the stringent Boeing airplane test of all their interior structural and interior surfaces."

No place is more important for cleanliness than a hospital - just ask anyone at UNC's Johnston Health Care Center, where pHur has completely eliminated cross-contamination from hands of patients, visitors and health care workers.

"The time has come for a safer, more effective way to disinfect our homes and workplaces," Christensen says. "Responsible consumers understand the benefits of a natural lifestyle. pHur's cleaning and disinfecting water helps complete that lifestyle rather than allowing harsh chemicals to conflict with it."


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