The Secret Life Of The Creatures Living In Your Sofa

Your home is your sanctuary, so you want a place you feel safe and comfortable. It can be a little hard to relax when you realize what could be lurking in your sofa. Surface stains and spills are easy to see and clean up, but there are other things that can be hiding in the dark crevices of your furniture.

What's in Your Couch?

There are a variety of germs, bacteria and even pests that can take up residence in your furniture. This is mainly because many things are attracted to the dark, warm corners of upholstered furniture. For example, dust mites may take up residence, shedding their skin and leaving waste behind. While dust mites do not cause any damage to your furniture, many people are allergic to them.

Mold can also develop in areas of upholstery that take on moisture. This can be as simple as using a damp washcloth to clean up a spill. Mold can be a particular problem if you live in a warm or humid climate. You definitely want to remove mold from upholstery because it can actually create health problems. Many people are allergic to mold spores, but even if you are not, it is still not healthy to breathe them in.

Your couch can also develop dark spots or stains from some unknown origin. Often times, these dark spots are the result of oil buildup from you, and your family's, skin. This is not a hygiene issue - the human body produces oil to protect the skin. Over time, the oil can build up, discoloring the fabric.

Furniture can also harbor bacteria and viruses. It is only normal that the areas where your family spends the most time is also going to harbor the various germs that your family brings in. To get rid of these germs and keep your family healthy, it's a good idea to get your upholstery cleaned during cold and flu season, or before the arrival of elderly parents or young children.

Cleaning Your Furniture

You don't have to let the thought of microscopic grime ruin your enjoyment of your home. Professional upholstery cleaning from a company such as Zerorez® can restore your furniture's like new condition. Zerorez uses their Zr™ Water system to clean upholstery effectively, while leaving No Residue® behind. Zerorez's cleaning system does not use any chemicals or harmful cleaning products. This means you and your family can sit, lay and otherwise enjoy the furniture without worrying about your health.

If you are looking for an upholstery cleaner in Las Vegas, contact us at Zerorez. We would be happy to talk you about our cleaning process and how it can effectively rid your upholstery of harmful substances!

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