The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation is one of silicon's valley most well-known museums. It is located in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. The Tech Museum of innovation is a museum of science & technology. It is located in Plaza de César Chávez, Downtown San Jose. It was established on October 31, 1998, and built by Ricardo Legoretta, a Mexican architect and spans 132,000 square feet. In 1978, the members of the Junior League started the movement and were joined by the San Jose Junior League. It was initially opened in 1990 in San José's former convention center and was named 'The Garage'.

Museum Galleries and Attractions

The museum has three floors; the ground floor has a gift shop and café, the Imax theatre, and a recreational area. The Imax theatre is the largest Imax dome in the west and seats about 280 people. There is an eight-story-high screen with a digital surround-sound system. Here, visitors can enjoy mainstream and educational movies. The Tech Museum of Innovation, sometimes known as "The Tech" has four major galleries on the upper and lower levels. The four galleries are themed and include these fields of study; communication, innovation, exploration, and life tech. Visitors get to learn and enjoy new and old innovations in each area. There are many exhibits in the Tech all centered around customization, exploration, genetics and energy efficiency. There is an exhibit where people can design and build robots. Visitors get to design a social robot. Most of these innovations are backed up NASA and Stanford. If tech is not your thing and you have kids with you, you can check out the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.

The Tech also partners with local attractions to show events like a jazz festival and the Global Festival of Arts. In December 2007, the Tech visual was launched. Here, real life and virtual reality exhibits are shown, products of The Tech's visual programs. The Tech studio features 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters.

The Tech Awards

Every year, The Tech Awards is held in which awards are presented to individuals and organization for their contributions to the world of technology. Other programs include The Tech Challenge in which a design competition is organized for students from grades 5-12. The competition ranges from many different challenges like fish removal, landing on an asteroid, and wildfires. The Tech also holds temporary exhibitions in Parkside Hall. In 2007, they showed Body Worlds 2 and over 280,000 guests were present. In the winter of 2008 till January 25, 2009, an exhibit named 'Leonardo: 500 years into the future' was shown in which the works, findings, and drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci were shown. Sci-fi exhibits have also been shown like 'Star Wars' was on February 23, 2014. It featured 80 original costumes from the six parts of the film and also an experimental lab. The exhibition spanned across 10,000 square feet.

The museum opens at 10 am.

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