Three Reasons Why Your Home Needs an Area Rug

Area Rugs are one of the most common additions to a home. They are popular for many reasons and are arguably one of the most important features to include in your home interior!

1- Area Rugs are an Expression of Your Personality

Area rugs are mostly known for the way they look. Area rugs have a way of dressing up a room without taking up any space. Whatever color palette or styles you go for, rugs can tie everything else in the room together. Area rugs are manufactured in all sizes, shapes, colors, materials, etc. so they can speak to all different personalities and styles. Some rugs can brighten up a room, while others can make a living space look larger. They can bring together elements and colors in a cohesive way. Area rugs can help tie together the furniture to create a cozy, intimate space. The limits of expression, beauty, and personality are endless with an area rug!

2- Area Rugs Keep You Safe and Cozy

Area Rugs have more elements that go far beyond appearances, as they can be pretty functional as well. While you may be skeptical about placing an area rug over your beautiful hardwood floors, placing an area rug there may actually be doing you more favors. When it comes to little children or elderly members, a rug can prevent them from slipping and falling and injuring themselves on the hard floor. During the colder months, area rugs also add a layer of warmth and coziness. Rugs are warmer than the hard, bare floors. They tend to insulate the floor, so it does not feel as cold on your feet.

3- Area Rugs Act as an Extra Air Filter

Recent studies have shown that area rugs and carpets often trap allergens such as dust, pathogens, and pollen that are usually floating around in the air. Laying down an area rug can be beneficial for those who suffer from allergies because it acts as an extra air purifier. Although it is better for all the dust and allergens to get trapped in the rug's fibers instead of your lungs, it is important to vacuum frequently and even get it professionally cleaned on occasion! Keeping your area rugs in the best condition will maintain their beauty and functionality.

How to Properly Clean Area Rugs

Area rug cleaning is a lot more complicated than you might think because cleaning rugs is a lot different than cleaning carpet! Rugs tend to be thinner and a lot more delicate than carpet. Because they are made out of so many different materials, a process that could work wonders for one area rug may completely unravel or ruin another.

We never recommend cleaning your area rugs with soaps or detergents. Not only can they unravel the fibers of your rug, but the wrong substance can also leave behind a soapy residue that would end up attracting more dirt and germs! Plus, the extra moisture used along with soaps and detergents can also cause your rug to soil.

Fortunately for you, the technicians at Zerorez® are professionally trained to know exactly how to clean your area rugs! We offer the best professional rug cleaning in the Bay Area. Whether it is a shag rug, braided rug, silk rug, or oriental rug, Zerorez can clean it. Our cleaning process uses Zr™ Water, which is free of harsh chemicals. No soaps and detergents are ever used! Zr™ Water is applied safely with a high-pressure spray that loosens embedded dirt and other harmful particles. When our job is done, your rug will be clean and fresh without the risk of any residue or soiling. You will be doing your area rug a great disservice if you do not get it professionally cleaned by Zerorez!


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