Tile and Grout Cleaning In Austin

The Best Tile Grout Cleaner In Austin

You've run into an issue - your house is spotless, you sweep and mop your floors quite often, but your tile and grout is still black! You don't have time to get down on your hands and knees to scrub every section of grout that lines each of the hundreds of tiles in your kitchen and bathroom - really though, no one has time for scrubbing tile grout with a toothbrush! That's when Zerorez carpet and tile cleaning Austin comes into play. We understand the devastation of black tile grout, and the ridiculous amount of time it would be for you to spend down on your hands and knees scrubbing in an attempt to restore its color again. Zerorez is here to make your life easier! Our patented cleaning system uses Zr Clean™️ at a high, but safe pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout without you having to even put one knee to the ground. Schedule an appointment with Zerorez to reserve your spot with the people who will give you the best tile and grout cleaning in Austin.

Does Your Grout Cleaner Actually Work?

The traditional way of cleaning tile and grout is to mop the ground using soap and water. But, no matter how much hard work and elbow grease you put into mopping tile, mops are only soaking up about 40% of the dirt and grime on your floor. The other 60% of dirt and grime stays there! It doesn't go anywhere but into your grout, establishing itself a home and making the color of your grout darker and darker. This happens because the mixture of water, dirt, and soap dries right into your tile grout. And that residue left behind is a sticky texture that attracts even more dirt and grime over time. So sadly, if using a soapy mop is how you are cleaning your tile, then no - you are not making your floor grout cleaner. But, Zerorez's tile grout cleaner contains no soaps or detergents so that no residue is left behind. Instead, we use Zr Clean™️ that cleans better than soap!

Zerorez Austin Tile and Grout Cleaning

Make your floors shine again! The tile and grout cleaning services at Zerorez use technology that will remove soil build-up in your blackened grout, giving your tile and stone a "like new" appearance, and a smoother more hygienic surface to walk on. When we apply our proprietary surface sealer, the beauty of your floors will come to life and be protected. Our goal is to lift a burden off your shoulders by leaving your tile cleaner, the color of your grout restored, and reduce your future cleaning up to 50% all by using our green technology that will protect your home and the environment. Don't waste one more minute down on that hard floor scrubbing with a toothbrush - Schedule an appointment with Zerorez today!


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