Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Cleaner

During our previous blog post, we gave you some names of a few of the toxic chemicals that are found in many of the harmful carpet cleaners that companies who don't offer green carpet cleaning use. Because we know that you love your dog, we wanted to share some more information on what kind of ways that you can keep your carpet cleaner with the health of your dog in mind. Here are our great ideas that we know will help you keep your carpets smelling fresh, looking clean and free of bacteria.

  1. If you aren't someone who uses doormats, it's time to start. Doormats at the entrance of each doorway (inside and outside) will help to eliminate muck not only from you and your guest's feet, but your dog's paws as well. Doing this will help to eliminate dirt and other debris from making its way into your home.

  2. Reduce the debris from your home by removing your shoes upon entrance. If you take off your shoes at the doorway and have some indoor slippers ready for you, you'll be able to filter out much more dirt, moisture and other debris from entering your home.

  3. If you only vacuum once a week or so, bump it up to 2-3 times per week. This will help to reduce any of the dirt and dust that has made its way into your carpets. Using a HEPA filter will also assist in reducing the amount of dust that tends to make its way back into the room.

Don't worry, we're not done yet. Stay tune for the next blog that your Las Vegas carpet cleaning team has in store for you!

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