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Here at Zerorez®, we are experts in the carpet cleaning industry. We love what we do, (making your life easier by making your surfaces beautiful once again) and we are good at it. Rather than try to oversell you on services and treatments like other carpet cleaning companies may have done to you before, Zerorez only recommends services to our customers that we know will improve the look, feel, and cleanliness of your carpet. We take high value in understanding each client's individual situation and then we work to meet their needs.

Today we want to share with you a valuable bit of information about your carpets. Specifically, we are going to share with you our recommendations for taking care of carpets that are made of polyester or nylon fibers. Polyester and nylon are two very popular materials that are commonly used when making carpets. Depending on the situation, a carpet made of polyester will have different cleaning needs than a carpet made with nylon fibers.

Polyester carpets are naturally moisture-resistant but softer and not as durable as nylon. This makes polyester wear faster than nylon, so certain precautions need to take place in order to care for the fibers. Our process is designed to be hard on dirt but soft on fibers. Our agitation process lifts the grime out of your carpet in a way that won't damage the fibers. Our Zr™ Water has two unique benefits for polyester carpets that both involve its unique ability to clean without leaving residue.

The first is simply this - with No Residue® your carpets won't attract dirt. Aside from dirt looking terrible it actually wears out your carpets. Dirt is usually comprised of a mixture of things including microscopic rocks! These rocks actually rip up your carpet as you walk on them. But when Zr™ Water is used they vacuum out of the carpet easier because they do not have any residue to stick to.

The second is that our Zr™ Water means we can use less strokes across your carpet. Many carpet cleaners add some type of surfactant, soap, or detergent to your carpet and then they have to get it out of the carpet. This usually involves pulling a wand against your carpet fibers many times in order to extract as much of that residue as they can. This constant brushing against polyester carpets can cause the fibers to wear down faster, but with Zerorez we often only have to pull our wand once or twice to get that wonderful residue free clean.

Nylon carpets, on the other hand, are quite durable. But, these nylon carpet fibers tend to be really absorbent which is great for dying those carpets the perfect color to sell, but terrible for when stains get on them. This poses a unique challenge for when stains are present on Nylon fibers. Depending on the color of your carpet and the stain is how difficult or easy the stain will be to get out.

There is one incredibly powerful thing you can do for your nylon carpet that will keep it protected from stains. You have probably already guessed what that is, but if you have not it is using our premium fiber protectant on the carpets. If our technicians often suggest you get carpet protectant it may very well be that your carpets are nylon. There really is nothing better you can do to get a stain out of your carpet than protecting it from getting it in the first place. No need to worry though we have more tricks up our sleeves for working with those tough stains, however it usually does cost a bit more than the protectant.

We are surface cleaning experts here at Zerorez and our process is built based on our industry-leading knowledge. We know that whatever your carpet cleaning needs are we will have an answer for what to do.

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