Upholstery Cleaning: Does It Make a Difference?

Cleaning upholstery can seem like such a hassle, mostly because it is. Trying to find the perfect element to clean last night's dinner out of your sofa cushion with isn't ideal. There's a couple of routes you can take when trying to solve a post-food-fight crisis. One is the; ""I'll use whatever is in my cupboard. It might be toilet cleaner... but it works,"" tactic, but most times that just ends up staining your couch a whole new color. The other option is the ""DIY"" route; the one where you mix every element you own and just end up making the stain a little more vibrant. The last, and quite obviously the best, is to call a carpet cleaner. Didn't know they do upholstery? Well... they don't. Not the average ones at least. But Zerorez isn't average. So next time you don't want to spend your Friday night softly crying and scrubbing away at a couch that used to be white, try giving Zerorez a call.

What Does An Upholstery Cleaner Use?

You may have some concerns when looking into upholstery cleaning, and we don't blame you! It can be intimidating having some stranger come into your home and get all up on your couch. What will they use? Is it safe for my furniture? Is it safe for me? The most important step to being comfortable with this process is to understand exactly how it works, so that's what we are here to teach you. When cleaning a couch, technicians at Zerorez use what is called Zr Clean ™. No, it's not some couch cleaning superhero, come to solve all your upholstery cleaning needs, but it is pretty much a superpower. This water is molecularly altered to perfection. Meaning, when we are done with your couches, they too, will look perfect. Zerorez Zr Clean ™ combined with special vacuums will ensure that dust, grime and dirt don't get left behind, and along with that, we won't leave a single trace. No soaps or harsh chemicals to wait around on, just a quick dry time and you'll be ready to go.

Upholstery Cleaning Near Me

So, if you are looking for a good couch cleaner (which we know you are) keep in mind that we have a location near you. Couches, chairs, any sort of furniture cleaning that you may need. You need it, we have it. Check our website to look for a Zerorez location near you. You can book online or call in and schedule an appointment today!

The Best Upholstery Cleaner

We know you are tired of googling ""How to Clean A Couch"" and coming up with some DIY hack that involves mustard and shaving cream. So skip the useless stuff and come straight to us. Zerorez does the best upholstery cleaning around. We will do all the dirty work for you AND ensure that your furniture is safe! So next time you spill your midnight ice cream break on the couch, call the best upholstery cleaner there is, Zerorez!

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