What Carpet Cleaners Know About Selling Your Home Fast

When you want your carpeting to look great for the holidays - or any day - call us at Zerorez® carpet cleaners. We know how to get carpets clean and we can give you tips for keeping them clean between our visits. Another thing we can help you with is getting your carpeting ready to show potential buyers when it's time to sell your home. We can give you pointers that will help to minimize carpet wear, like putting down throw rugs in high-traffic areas, and help you to lessen the likelihood of set-in stains by using household products, like club soda, to blot up wine and fruit juice spills. Here are a few more tips for selling your home quickly by making it look its best:

✓ Consider Replacing Your Flooring

Even great carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, NV, like Zerorez, can't save every carpet. Some are just too old and worn to look good no matter how often they're cleaned. If your carpeting is old and tattered, it may be time to replace it to make your home look as appealing as possible. In addition, if you have some other type of flooring, like tile or linoleum in bedrooms or the living room, you should replace it with carpeting. Carpeting is warmer, softer and more welcoming, especially to buyers with small children.

✓ Eliminate Clutter

While you may love your collection of Victorian nutcrackers, buyers probably won't. At least, they won't want to see it or your porcelain doll collection or even your family photos. The best way to sell your home is to let the buyers imagine themselves in it and to let them see as much of it as possible; and they can't do that when your personal items are cluttering up every empty shelf. Not only will decluttering and depersonalizing your home help it to sell faster, it will also act as the first step in mentally separating from your old home.

✓ Repaint Walls

If you've watched house flipping shows on TV, then you know that neutral colors sell houses. Bright, colorful walls are fine when you're decorating to live in a home; but when you're trying to sell your home, repaint the walls a light, neutral color like tan or gray. These colors are more likely to match buyers' furniture, which means they'll be able to move in without painting first. Also, fresh paint gives you the chance to patch holes and dents in walls and cover scuffs and faded spots.

✓ Maximize Light

No one wants to walk into a dungeon. If your home is dark and drab, it will be unappealing to buyers. Make sure hallways, closets and other "landlocked" spaces without exteriors windows are adequately lit with appealing light fixtures. In rooms with windows, open the blinds and pull back heavy drapes to let sunlight in.

✓ Add Scent

In the past, realtors suggested that their clients bake a fresh batch of cookies before a showing to make it smell homey; but times have changed and most realtors have found that baking cookies isn't convenient. The best way to make your house smell inviting is to vacuum and clean regularly, open windows when possible to let fresh air in and place fresh flowers around your home. In a pinch, electric, plug-in type air fresheners will do as long as they're not overpowering.

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