What Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Actually Do to the Carpet?

People often ask us about steam cleaning because they're interested in ways to revitalize carpet without using potentially harmful chemicals. The amount of time we spend in our homes and offices makes it imperative that those settings are as clean as possible. Some property owners get worried that cleaning with chemicals can pollute their living space or prematurely age the carpet.

It's possible to deep clean carpet with steam instead of using harsh chemicals to remove the dirt and germs. There are key differences between the two methods, but the bottom line is that steam cleaning is far more effective.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas - How it Works

Steam has a couple of key benefits that make it superior to chemical or shampoo carpet cleaning. For one, the hot temperature of the steam is far more effective when it comes to killing harmful substances, so the process is more efficient. Further, avoiding excessive chemical use prevents discoloration of the carpet.

Scalding hot water neutralizes substances and loosens dirt, so soaps and detergents aren't needed for effectively cleaning carpet with steam - even if you've heard otherwise. State of the art equipment can shoot this hot water down into even the deepest layers of your carpet to completely eradicate these substances.

Once these are killed, and the dirt has been blasted loose, a powerful vacuum sucks everything back out. Removing the water in this manner pulls unwanted particles out of every layer of the carpet, and helps the carpet dry much more quickly.

The quick drying is crucial because wet carpets act like sponges and can get dirty again right away. This is another huge advantage over shampooing carpet and rinsing it out with water. To make the job last even longer, you can add a protective layer over freshly steamed carpet.

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