What is the best way to clean a suede chair?

Stylish and cozy, suede is often a valued addition to any home. The delicate, napped finish provides a level of comfort that's perfectly suited for oversized chairs and large couches while creating an ambiance of elegance that's hard to replicate. Though quite attractive and popular, suede can be a bit of a challenge to keep clean in busy homes and active offices. To keep your furniture looking its best while protecting your investment, you should plan to care for your suede on a regular basis. With these simple tips, you'll be well on your way to a lifetime of style and comfort with your favorite furnishings!

Use the appropriate process

Knowing how to clean your upholstery is the most important step in the journey. Different fabrics require different treatments and upholstery steam cleaners can get quite expensive. Making an error while cleaning your furniture may lead to unsightly stains, streaks, or even damage to the material. To prevent permanent damage, be sure to do as much research as possible. Test any products you plan to use on an area that cannot be seen before applying to the entire piece of furniture. Also, consider consulting a team of professionals before you begin. They may be able to offer some insights that you may not be aware of.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Most common upholstery cleaners use harsh chemicals that leave a clean appearance, and a hidden residue, behind. While your furniture may appear clean, this residue immediately begins to attract and bind to dust particles in the air. This leads to a dirty appearance much more quickly, causing you to need to clean your suede more frequently. While this can be a more manageable process in your home, cleaning your office furniture can be an undertaking you may not be able to commit to. While natural and green solutions are readily available to the consumer, they may require an initial investment that is outside your comfort zone and often is more labor intensive.

Consider professional cleanings

It's important to have a clean and safe home for you and your family, and chemical-free and environmentally friendly cleaning options are always a good choice. If you're interested in cleaning your suede furniture and would rather avoid the possible risks and time spent doing it yourself, consider reaching out to Zerorez. Our Zr Clean™ technology allows us to clean suede, carpet, and many other surfaces with absolutely no harsh chemicals or sticky residues. Call us today to schedule an appointment today.

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