What Makes Zerorez® Different?

Have you ever heard of Zerorez? Considering you're currently reading the blog on our website, I believe it's safe to assume you have, so the real question becomes: what do you really know about Zerorez? What makes this company different from the thousand other carpet cleaners out there? Well, it all comes down to three things: our technicians, our equipment and our Zr™ Water.

As we discussed last time, Zerorez prides itself on its highly-trained technicians. They aren't content to just know how to clean; rather, they have a deep knowledge of carpeting and the industry itself. They understand stains, but they don't stop at simply getting them out. They also want to educate you so that you know how to care for your carpets long after they've left. It's a level of customer service that strives for happy customers.

Second, Zerorez utilizes some of the most advanced equipment available. One especially important piece of equipment is our Z-Lifter. This works similarly to a traditional vacuum cleaner, only far more effectively. While a normal vacuum uses a single spinning brush to pull debris out of the carpet, the Z-Lifter uses two brushes which spin in opposite directions in order to dig way down deep where a vacuum simply can't reach. It then deposits what it finds (dirt, dust, dog fur, etc.) on the surface of the carpet so that the technician can suck it up with a long, blue vacuum hose. In this way, our cleaning is much deeper and more thorough.

Lastly, we use our patented Zr™ Water. You see, most carpet cleaners use soaps and detergents to clean carpets, which leave behind dirt-attracting residue, crunchy carpets and cause recurring spots. But by purifying regular tap water and zapping it through a process of electrolysis, Zerorez is able to create a high-alkaline water which behaves like a detergent. Zr™ Water evaporates in mere hours and leaves No Residue® behind, meaning no crunchiness and no recurring spots.

So with our highly-trained technicians, our advanced equipment and our Zr™ Watercleaning process, Zerorez has managed to become one of the leading cleaners in the industry. Would you care to give us a call? Stay clean, Indy.


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