What Sets Zerorez® Phoenix’s Carpet Cleaning Apart?

It's the Zr™ Water. It really works. I have a spray bottle in each one of my rooms in my home and I use it for everything. I use it for my wood floors, my windows, clean off my surfaces, everything. So, it is the Zr™ Water that makes it work.

She had had a party and everybody spilled wine all over her carpet. And so, she was wondering there's any way to save her carpet, because there was wine spots. They got drunk and they spilled the wine everywhere on the carpet. So, we thought what we could do is come out and try, and we were able to get all that wine out of her carpet.

I was a little skeptic that the water was gonna clean my carpet, so it was really hard for me to figure that that was gonna work. But after a while, when it didn't get dirty, I was so impressed with that, that it lasted like six months with my kids running all over the place, and my grandkids, and it still lasted.

Just let us come out and show you how great we can be with your carpets. And give us a call today!

Here's Why You Need To Clean Your Carpets:

I think it's important for carpets to be cleaned just to, you know, for germs, everything else, keep the family healthier. It also looks a lot nicer when people come over to your house if your carpets are clean. It just makes it a lot more pleasant atmosphere and environment.

First of all, the fact that we don't use soaps and residues, you're not left with crunchy, sticky carpet. The carpets are cleaner for a longer time. I also think Zerorez is a little bit maybe unique in how much they do with the community and the effort they make to get involved in the community and service and everything else.

Call Zerorez today. Come get your carpets cleaned. They'll do an amazing job. You won't regret it.


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