When Is It Time to Get a Deep Clean?

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Conscientious property owners take the time and effort to clean their home or business regularly, but messes can still start to pile up after a while. Even when the carpet looks clean, there may be unseen dirt, pollutants, and dust nestled down into the fibers. A complete cleaning schedule relies on both in-house efforts and professional services. Everything depends on the specific situation, but there are some general guidelines for how often you should get a deep clean for your home or business.

Deep Cleaning Schedule

Every property is different, but we can generally categorize them as having light, average, or heavy traffic. If you're feeling lost, consult the following guidelines, then adjust as needed until you feel great about your home or commercial property. For all of the following, we recommend addressing spills and spots as soon as you notice them.

  • Light Traffic - In addition to regular vacuuming of about once per week, we recommend deep cleaning every one or two years to restore carpet and other surfaces.
  • Medium Traffic - Most properties fall into this category, and should have their carpet vacuumed twice each week to keep soil from getting down into carpet fibers. A deep clean every six months to a year will take care of the rest.
  • High Traffic - These properties are under a lot of stress, which can make carpet wear out prematurely. Vacuum daily when possible, and get a deep clean every three to six months to increase your carpet's longevity.

There are other contributing factors that may inspire you to make tweaks to the above. For example, if you have pets, their hair may speed up the cycle. People with severe allergies or other breathing problems may also want to take a more proactive approach to dust.

Benefits of Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Most cleaning services are equipped to deal with standard household messes- you'll be able to identify truly elite options by their willingness to tackle large commercial carpet cleaning jobs. Professional crews take a systematic approach to cleaning any property, which means all of the following for their clients:

  • Prompt Arrivals - The modern world moves at a fast pace, and no one wants to be sitting around their property all day wondering when the cleaners will show up. Scheduling should be a breeze, and a reputable cleaner is much more likely to arrive on time.
  • Professional Staff - It doesn't matter if it's a home or business; it's much more comforting to allow people onto your property when you know they're trustworthy. The best residential and commercial cleaning services vet their employees carefully then give them ample training to ensure the highest level of employee conduct and customer satisfaction. When you meet the crew, you should have the utmost confidence that they'll do a great job even without you watching over their shoulder.
  • Responsible Practices - We always recommend that people ask their cleaning service what kind of chemicals they use. If they're not sure or they won't say, that's a serious red flag. Leading companies have already abandoned soaps and chemicals in favor of GREEN technology like Zr™ Water.
  • Comprehensive Services - When you decide it's time for a deep clean of your entire property, we recommend looking for a company that can tackle the whole job. It's worth asking your service provider if they can handle all of the following:
    • Carpet
    • Tile and Grout
    • Air Ducts
    • Area Rugs
    • Pet Odor Removal and Other Demanding Jobs
    • Granite
    • Mattresses
    • Showers
    • Stainless Steel
    • Upholstery

Reasons to Get a Commercial Deep Carpet Clean

Whether it's your home or a commercial building, the carpet makes a big impression on visitors. Dirty, matted carpet makes people feel uncomfortable because it shows that the property is not clean and well maintained. Regular vacuuming helps prevent too much dirt from sinking into the carpet fibers, but the soil and dust will win out over time. This is especially true in high traffic areas.

People don't always treat commercial carpets with the same respect they would use in their own home, which makes it difficult to keep carpet looking great over the long haul. Even in private homes, spills, pet stains, and other accidents happen. We recommend that property owners get on a regular schedule for their deep carpet cleanings to make sure the carpet doesn't get too far out of hand. These professional touchups will help supplement the regular cleanings you do, and can totally revive your carpet.

The best professional carpet cleaners in Austin can even help your carpet last longer. They won't use any soaps, shampoos, or other harsh chemicals that might eat away at the fibers and cause worn spots. Zr™ Water makes an ideal cleaning solution because it removes dirt and grime. This electrolyzed water won't destroy carpet fibers or give the property a threadbare look.

Professional Commercial Deep Tile Clean

One of the nice things about tile is that it's relatively easy to clean compared to carpet. Spills can be wiped up just a little bit more easily, and the surface hides dirt fairly well compared to some other materials. After a while though, grout and tile start to lose their luster even if they've been cleaned regularly. Mops can only pick up the dirt and soil that stick, and they only spread everything else all over the floor, rubbing it down into the grout.

A professional deep clean for tile surfaces will restore them to a like-new appearance and provide all of the following benefits as well:

  • Prevent future soiling and stains by removing sticky substances on the surface and making it more impermeable.
  • Lift stains from the grout to bring the color back to its original shade.
  • Make the surface smoother, more pleasant to the touch, and more hygienic.
  • Remove layers of grime to make regular cleanings easier and more efficient.

As always, we recommend a product that won't leave any residue behind. GREEN technology is better for the home and the environment at the same time because it doesn't leave any sticky chemical deposits on the tile or in the grout.

Deep Tile and Carpet Cleaning Austin

At Zerorez®, we pride ourselves on our Zr™ Water Technology, which leaves carpet, tile, and other surfaces as clean as possible. We'll leave your home so clean, in fact, that there won't even be any chemical residue left behind. Our process doesn't rely on any harsh chemicals that can prematurely degrade your property or pose health risks to family members and pets. Since there is no sticky residue for dirt and grime to cling onto, everything we clean will stay looking great for a longer time.

We perform both residential and commercial work, and no job is too big or too small. Our team of experts has tackled everything from air ducts to upholstery, and we look forward to making your property look spotless. We promise upfront pricing on every job, so we'll never start working unless you're 100% comfortable with the cost. Contact us today to learn more or set up a commercial cleaning for your home or business.

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