When is the Best Time to Steam Clean Carpets

Clients often ask us about the best time to schedule professional carpet cleaning services. Each season has its pros and cons when it comes to getting a thorough steam cleaning for your carpet. Ultimately, the best time to get your carpet cleaned is whenever it starts to look or feel dirtier than it has in the past.

Alternatively, you may choose to get your carpet cleaned immediately before or after the season in which it receives the most traffic. You can even choose to get different areas cleaned at different times of the year. Read below to learn about the benefits of getting your carpet cleaned during each season.

Spring Carpet Cleaning

Spring brings beautiful weather, but it can also be a time when your carpet gets dirty quickly. Many people take advantage of the nice temperatures by opening the doors and windows, which this lets pollen and dirt into the house. Carpet absorbs just about everything, so any contaminants can make your carpet look and feel dirty. This makes spring a good time for a thorough cleaning. Spring carpet cleaning is especially important for anyone with allergies.

Summer Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Summer is also a good time to schedule your commercial carpet cleaning because it can help you remove everything that built up during the spring. Further, all the time people spend outdoors during the summer can contribute to a messy carpet as they track dirt into the building. Protect against the mess using a residue-free protector.

Fall Professional Carpet Cleaning

Fall is a popular time to get the carpet cleaned for people with families. The kids go back to school, which gives you the opportunity to clean up a bit. Cleaning your carpets at this time of year can also help you get ready for all the extra traffic during the holidays.

Winter Steam Carpet Cleaning

You may prefer to wait until right before your big holiday events to clean your carpet. That way you know it will look perfect for your guests. You may even want to wait until after the hustle and bustle is over to give your floors a thorough cleaning. This strategy allows you to enjoy the season more without worrying about spills.

Zerorez® Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter when you get your carpet cleaned in Las Vegas, making sure it's done right the first time is key - that's why you can trust the professionals at Zerorez. Our residue-free cleaning process leave your floor spotless and protected without leaving behind a sticky chemical residue that can attract dirt back to your carpet even faster. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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