Whitehouse Restaurant in Anaheim

KFI host Bill Handel at the Whitehouse Restaurant

There are hundreds of homeless families in Southern California who need a place to live. Many stay at low cost motels on a daily or week to week basis, but of course the motels do not have kitchen facilities, so the families have to scrounge for a way to feed themselves and their children.

For the last several years, Bruno Serato, owner of the Whitehouse Restaurant, an Italian steak house in Anaheim, California has taken it upon himself to feed the children of these families out of his own pocket (and now with a little help from the community!) At this point Bruno is serving 600 dinners every night of the week, and has served over 1/2 million dinners in the last several years to hungry kids making their way to his restaurant. Kudos to Bruno and his staff!

Once a year KFI, a radio station that Zerorez® advertises on, does a live remote broadcast from the Whitehouse restaurant to help raise funds and take food donations in to help Bruno cover some of the costs of the nightly meals for these "motel kids". Yesterday, December 12, 2013, KFI host Bill Handel did his annual show from the Whitehouse restaurant, and some of the Zerorez guys dropped by and visited with him after the broadcast. Bill took time to sign a special photo for ZerorezSoCal owner Jeff, mentioning that Zerorez cleans carpet and upholstery, as well as hard surfaces such as stone, tile and grout, concrete, and hardwood (not sure why that is a surprise to Bill!) Zerorez left their food donation for the Whitehouse restaurant and promised the General Manager, Sylvano Ibay, they will be back after the holidays to clean the restaurant carpet and laminate flooring as a way to help Bruno and the Whitehouse restaurant in this very worthy cause.

We salute Bruno and his staff for the wonderful work they are doing, and wish them continued success and happiness in providing delicious warm meals for the kids they serve.


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