Who Can You Trust?

Carpet restoration indianapolis In today's world, safety and security can be a major concern for customers. When you invite someone into your home, you want to be assured that they can be trusted, with both your flooring and with your family. At ZEROREZ we pride ourselves on taking precautions that will make you a repeat customer. Our technicians are trained and tested with a 15-page technical exam before they are ever allowed in the field. Each of our technicians must complete a thorough background check, before being licensed, bonded and insured. Lastly, it is our highest priority for you and your family to feel comfortable; so all technicians adhere to strict company guidelines and uniform codes. We strive to create an atmosphere of accountability, with employees passionate about providing each customer with a wonderful experience. We know our standards are high, but that's what sets us apart and keeps our clients coming back. Want to get to know us? Give us a call and you can experience the safety and security that comes with choosing ZEROREZ.


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