Why DIY Doesn't Always Work

Why DIY carpet cleaning does Not always work
For families on a budget, turning around-the-house projects into DIY endeavors can seem like a great option. Seasoned do-it-yourselfers may see those pesky flooring stains as an opportunity to showcase their skills and refresh the house but unlike that genius duck tape fix-it for the leaning mailbox, your carpet represents a major investment in your home not to be taken lightly. Carpet cleaning may appear to be a rather easy task but it actually requires a high degree of knowledge, skill and experience in order to protect your flooring and ensure positive results. A carpet cleaning by an experienced Zerorez® technician assures you that proper equipment will be used for your flooring needs and your carpet will avoid potential damage to structure, color and texture. Common pitfalls of DIY cleaning include:

  • Using The Wrong Equipment
    When you go to rent a carpet-cleaning machine, you have no assurance that it is the right match for your carpet. Often, one of the biggest complaints after investing in a rental machine and taking the time to use it is that homeowners simply didn't see results. It's important to remember that unlike a commercial machine, homeowner-grade cleaners are designed for portability rather than power. This means it cannot generate the water pressure, heat, or extraction power necessary to clean and refresh the carpet as thoroughly as professional-grade equipment. Zerorez has mastered portability and power with our fleet of carpet cleaning trucks, bringing The Zerorez Difference to you.
  • Lack of Experience
    Just as all families are not the same- neither are all carpets, coverings and stains. What might work well on one carpet may destroy someone else's floor. The reality is, no one would want to bet on trial and error with their carpet, knowing the results might mean an extensive investment if they have to replace it. Zerorez trained technicians bring with them the knowledge and experience that will make your sure your flooring is in good hands.
  • Creating Soapy Carpets
    It's easy to think that applying more detergent will elicit better results, but in reality, the use of detergent will just cause your carpet to attract more dirt after the cleaning. With a Zerorez cleaning, when we're done, you'll know your carpets are residue-free, assuring you a carpet that will stay cleaner longer.

At Zerorez Indianapolis, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible cleaning experience. With licensed technicians, we know the proper method for treating and removing all types of stains from all types of carpets. Plus, our patented cleaning method utilizing Zrā„¢ Water provides fast-drying, green cleaning, which will leave your entire carpet soft and residue-free. Therefore, while do-it-yourself carpet cleaning may seem like an economical choice, but is not as safe or effective as a professional deep cleaning. Don't risk causing harm to your carpet! Give the professionals at Zerorez Indianapolis a call today to see for yourself why DIY carpet cleaning should never be an option again.


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