Why You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned Before Moving Out of Your Apartment

The big day is here! You've finally found the home of your dreams, you're moving out of your Las Vegas apartment, everything is packed up and you're ready to go. You look over your "apartment move out checklist" and see that you've forgotten to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

"Well, that's OK," you think. "That's for the next tenant to worry about."

Doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Well, not so fast.

There are many reasons to completely clean your apartment before vacating. In fact, you may find it beneficial to leave it even cleaner than when you moved in! This includes the walls, hardwood floors, sinks fixtures and any carpet.

Here's why:

Your Security Deposit Is At Stake

In many apartments in Las Vegas, carpet cleaning is required before a tenant moves out. Your landlord has the right to withhold some or all of your security deposit if there is excessive damage to the property. This includes damage to the walls, appliances and, yes, the carpet.

You may look over the floor and think, "it looks good enough." But your landlord will likely conduct a white-glove test on the premises before refunding your deposit. If he/she finds a deep stain that has soaked through to the subflooring, they will likely withhold your deposit and may withhold as much as they deem necessary to repair or replace the carpet.

Pet stains and odors can also linger long after you leave. You may have become used to the smell of your pets or cigarettes, but carpets have very long memories. Your landlord can keep part of your deposit to pay for deep cleaning and deodorizing your whole apartment. A professional carpet cleaning will remove most of, if not all, of the smell.

Besides, it's just polite! You never know who your former landlord knows, or when you may run into them again. You don't want to have animosity over a professional carpet cleaning, do you?

Contact Zerorez® for professional carpet cleaning in Las Vegas. Our customers choose us because, unlike other carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, we use only green technology and a patented system that employs no solvents or harsh chemicals. Whether you're moving out or moving in, trust Zerorez for Las Vegas carpet cleaning and deodorizing that is safe, clean and good for the environment.

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