Zerorez Brand Building

Our challenge for building the Zerorez brand is to help people understand that we really do use a new and advanced cleaning technology. Once we are in the house, we generally take out a clear, plexiglass "bubble" (often used for pool cleaning) and show people the suds we are extracting from their carpet, even though we clean with nothing but pure, alkaline water. Where did it come from? It is left-over soap from previous cleanings. THEN people "get it," they say "Ohhh, I understand now what you were talking about." That's Zerorez, which stands for Zero Residue. We are now trying to get the word out on KFI radio, KKLA radio, KFWB radio, Home Magazine, certain trade shows like the Santa Monica Design Show, and regular articles in the L.A. Times. We reach out to Los Angeles County and all of the cities therein, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernadino County. It is a constant struggle to spread the word, but it must be working, we now have 15 trucks, and are very, very busy, even during the rains the last couple of months. Zerorez is the green way to clean, and people are really starting to understand that.


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