Zerorez Carpet Cleaning, Opens in St. Louis

Technology Innovator, Zerorez® Brings Superior Carpet and Living Surface Cleaning to The Gateway to the West


Zerorez is the revolutionary carpet and living surfaces cleaning business that's changing the way homeowners and property managers think about cleaning! Unlike other carpet cleaning companies using soaps and detergents and harsh chemicals that get left behind in the carpet fibers, Zerorez uses its patent-pending Zr™ Water, a water-based cleaning agent that doesn't leave any soil-attracting residue behind. The Zr™ Water removes embedded dirt, makes spots much less likely to reappear and reduces drying time. It works superbly on all surfaces…upholstery, granite, tile, stone, stainless steel and more.

"I've had plenty of carpet cleaners out to my home and it was always the same old story," said Michael Kaplan, co-owner of Zerorez of St. Louis. "The carpet is left with a soapy dirt-attracting residue. Traditional cleaners have been cleaning the same old way for a long time and I love knowing that the Zerorez proprietary cleaning system is different. It cleans more effectively and the clean lasts longer because there is no soapy residue."

Continued Kaplan, "We really want to make a difference for people in St. Louis. Of course, Zerorez has better technology for cleaning. But that doesn't matter if the service delivery isn't superb. At our core, we are first and foremost a top-tier service company that also happens to clean carpeting and other surfaces. Our service is why people rave about Zerorez and why they love bringing us back to do more work."

"Why St. Louis?," said Kaplan, "St. Louis is the perfect area for Zerorez. It's really a big yet small town where your reputation is everything. We know that when we focus on offering amazing customer service, coupled with the Zerorez cleaning technology, St. Louis and Zerorez will be friends for life. The St. Louis carpet cleaning market is really under-served because it's comprised of mainly contractors and a few tired franchisees. The "word of mouth" effect of our unparalleled service and green cleaning technology will absolutely make Zerorez a household name in St. Louis."

"We have built a great team and couldn't be happier with them and they are ready to roll. The success of any business comes down to the people. We understand what matters most with carpet cleaning customers isn't just what you clean for them, but it's also how they feel after you've gone. We know the Zerorez carpet cleaning technology is the best there is, and our team is focused on making people happy. It's a winning combination."

"What sets us apart is our people, our process and our promise. We have an amazing service-focused team. We have a proprietary, green cleaning system that provides first-rate cleaning results without using toxic cleaning chemicals, and our 'Gotta Love It Guarantee®' will make sure every customer is happy. I guess I could add a fourth item—price, because I know our pricing is more affordable than some of the other guys in town," concluded Kaplan.

In recognition of its cleaning efficacy, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has awarded Zerorez its Platinum Rating, the industry's highest Rating.

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