Zerorez® Grand Rapids protecting our lakes and rivers

For those of us that call west Michigan home, we treasure the beauty of our many lakes and rivers. It is part of what makes the Grand Rapids area so very special to us all. Michigan borders some of the world's greatest fresh-water resources. At Zerorez Grand Rapids we are committed to protecting and preserving our lakes and rivers.

As Michigan State University Extension notes, these water resources provide the state's residents and visitors with many recreational and scenic opportunities while providing water resources for industry and agriculture. The unique climate along Lake Michigan's eastern shore helps support the diversity of agriculture production associated with western Michigan.

Protecting our natural water resources is an ongoing commitment that Zerorez Grand Rapids has made to our customers, our community and our team members. It is the passion of our owner, and is a promise that we take very seriously. As a result of ourZr™ Water technology, we only use enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful and safe cleaning solution.

By using no harsh chemicals and no soap, our process actually cleans better. No other carpet cleaner in the world gets your carpets as clean, or keeps them clean as long as Zerorez. Our Platinum Certification from The Carpet and Rug Institute is further recognition of our commitment to using only the best available cleaning methods.

We are also actively investing and supporting the community through our membership with the West Michigan Sustainability Forum as well as projects like Grand Rapids Whitewater.

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