Zerorez® Holiday Prep Tips To Get You In The Spirit

Oh what fun it is to ride in a …

Oh! Well hello there. We didn't see you there you little sneaky elf you!

We're just getting in our Christmas spirit is all. You know, with it being that the most joyous time of the year and all.

Whats that you say? It's too early to prepare for Christmas?

Is it really though? Christmas is stressful, you know that Barbara. So why not prepare now and get yourself in the spirit? We'll do you a solid and help you out.

Holiday Prep Tip #1- Shop Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Prep Tip #1 for your holiday ventures, is to shop now or forever hold your peace!

Shopping early for the holidays is NEVER a bad idea. In fact it's genius!

Grabbing great deals now can save you quite the gaggle in the money department, in the long run.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are, of course, the best way to get killer deals before the holidays.

But if Black Friday isn't quite your thing- that's okay! You will find that there are a lot of great holiday deals around these parts if you only look hard enough.

Indubitably the larger corporate stores are the way to go- Walmart, Target, Kohl's, TJMaxx, etc..

These are the places that advertise and make fantastic money due to their holiday deals.

If store bought gifts aren't quite your thing, then you undoubtedly know where to find all the best crafting materials for your conquest!

Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, etc. can provide all you need for your specialty gifts this holiday!

Holiday Prep Tip #2- Declutter To Spread Holiday Spirit

Prep Tip #2 for holiday tranquility, is to declutter in order to de-stress, and spread some holiday cheer.

Extra clutter and mess equals extra the holiday stress! We suggest taking a day or two out of your week, to sort through all your storage bins a month or so before the holidays begin.

Whether your "junk" resides in your closets, storage units, or garage! Sort out and declutter all the "must-haves" and the otherwise "must not haves".

There's no better time in the year than right before the holidays, to declutter and donate your undesirables. You may even wrap some good-looking hand-me-downs in some celebratory holiday paper, and donate them before the holidays.

Some great places to donate to may include a local homeless shelter, orphanage, Toys for Tots, Big Brother Big Sister, a local animal shelter or rescue, etc..

Also consider planning a day to take those wrapped gifts, such as coats, old clothes, toiletries, etc. to visit those who are on the streets right now.

Theres not greater gift than the gift of kindness during the holiday season.

You get the pleasure of donating to those in need, spreading holiday cheer to those who may not have it, while also de-stressing by decluttering your space.

Holiday Prep Tip #3- Keeping It Squeaky Clean

Prep Tip #3 is of course, getting your home squeaky clean before the in-laws materialize!

Because let's face it Barbara- your mother in law simply LOVES to knit-pick your home when it's not clean enough! But this year, you've no need to fret. And you want to know why?

Because you have Zerorez® this year. Simply give us a call, and Zerorez® clean that musty home of yours! You can do it all at once, so you don't have to lift a single finger.

We'll Zerorezify your carpets, your tile, and your granite countertops. All at once. That's right.

Shoot, we can even spruce up that unsightly rug your mother-in-law gave you last Christmas, that you have to take out of storage once a year when she visits, or otherwise you'll never hear the end of it…

We'll even remove that ol' stain from that time Fluffy the cat was nauseas from getting into the cat nip stash.

Holiday Prep Tip #4- Having A Back Up Plan

Prep Tip #4 is having a substantial back-up plan.

Perhaps Zerorez® just came by last week and deep cleaned your horrendous rug just peachy!

But then little Junior over there ran out of his room mid-dress, diaperless, full on birthday suit… and had an accident on that beastly rug…

Your first instinct is, "Phew, an excuse the throw away that ugly thing." But you come to your senses, and realize monster-in-law Judy would be royally insulted if she found out.

Well, it's a good thing you had a back up plan, and came prepared! You can take care of that accident lickity-split!

How you ask?

Because you purchased your very own bottle of patent pending Zerorez Zr Water® from your technician last week. That's why!

And woo-wee, isn't that just darn-tootin' lucky?

The best part is that you can use this Zr Water® for virtually anything around your home during the holidays.

Cleaning the guest bathroom spotless for Judy.

Or quickly cleaning the kitchen counters whilst making that delicious Christmas roast.

You will certainly not receive any complaints from the peanut gallery mother-in-law for a spick and span home!

Have A Happy Zerorez® Holiday

We are hopeful that our fun and whimsical holiday tips can ensure a less stressful holiday for you this year!

Surely it is not a bad thing to get ahead of schedule! Between shopping early, decluttering, cleaning up, and having a plan your holiday should go off without a hitch!

Good luck friends- we are wishing you the happiest of holidays this year!

…one horse open slay. Hey!

Written by: Leah Roberts


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