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Well well well.. Welcome to another installment of Zerorez Cleaning Tips.

Today's topic? Cleaning that storage unit you call an automobile!

Let us ask you this- when is the last time you've had your car carpets or upholstery cleaned?

If you ask Jerry over here in his construction truck, he's going to tell you never… Right?

So why is cleaning your car's carpet and upholstery so important? For the same reason it's important to clean your home's carpet and upholstery!

Let's have a quick Zerorez cleaning heart to heart.

Four Car Cleaning Personality Types

There are 4 types of people in this world. Four types of car-carers. Which one are you?

The Clean Freak

This personality type goes without explaining. You like everything sparkling clean, inside and out. Not even a speck of dust misses your keen eye.

You don't like a lot of personal items in your car. Probably have the very basics in your car- your car documentation and a phone charger?

You like your car detailed once every two week or once per month, with a fresh new car smell.

The Relatively Orderly

This personality type is mostly clean. Perhaps you have a few more personal items in your car than The Clean Freak.

Maybe a back up perfume, some spare change, old receipts, some extra bobby pins and hair ties, a stylish little trash bin in the back seat.

Perhaps sometimes you leave an extra personal item in there out of forgetfulness, but it's never there for more than a few days before you take care of it!.

Everything is decently clean, but you don't care to have your car detailed every month- maybe every couple of months? You are Relatively Orderly, and probably taking care of your car just fine.

The Single and Disheveled

This is personality type is someone who basically has their entire closet in their car.

Perhaps you are a single man or woman? You work a lot, and after work you like to shake it off by going out with the friends? So naturally, you have a few spare work shirts lying around somewhere in your car-closet, and a lot of back up shirts to change into quickly when work is over.

You find you have a pile of clothes, a few pairs of shoes, maybe a hair brush or two, and plenty of trash and extra miscellaneous items laying around?

Your car is probably smelling a bit stale and dusty.. and you can't remember the last time you had it cleaned right? You are Single and Disheveled my friend.

The Bedraggled Parent

This personality type also needs little to no explanation.

You are a parent. You have kids. That's all. That's it.

Between the sticky patches on the seats, crumbs and old soda bottles on the floor, stale french fries and straw wrappers- you can't fathom the last time you had a good clean.

And you're likely thinking, "Why should I get it cleaned? It'll be trashed again in the morning."

That's fair. You just need to go take a nap my bedraggled friend.

Why Clean Your Car Carpet and Upholstery?

Much like the upholstery on our couches at home- your car seat is a secret natural disaster.

Your car seats and floor have seen everything from coffee catastrophes, soda spills, ketchup stains, stale french fries, mud from that hike last week, plenty of dirt embedded in the carpets, and more.

Not to mention the hidden joys residing there- dead skin, hair from you or your dogs, oil from your skin, and all that plentiful Phoenix dirt and dust brought in from your shoes and the wind!

Should we even talk about the germ and bacteria colonies that have made your car their home?

And if you have never had a carpet or upholstery cleaning?

Woo-wee. Can you imagine how caked and embedded all these creepy substances are into your seats?


Yes, you must call Zerorez.. like now…

Why you ask? Well if that germy dead skin delight didn't explain as much, maybe this will.

What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Car Carpet & Upholstery?

So what would happen if we never cleaned the carpets and upholstery in the car?

All the dirt, dust, soil… where would it all go?

Well let's start by stating the obvious- it ain't healthy Jerry. It's downright nasty.

All those scummy dirt/dust particles will simply float around in the air now, all around you, allowing you to breath it all in.

Not to mention, the settling and caking onto the surfaces of your car- which, then again, stirs up when you touch them, place things on them, or open the windows.. Then it simply flies around your car again, and you are still breathing it in!

Does that sound healthy to you?

Overtime, or even immediately if you were to be so unfortunate, all these free-flying particles can cause allergies, sneezing, coughing, itchy or watery eyes, or a runny nose.

What About Vacuuming And Detailing Your Car?

Ah excellent observation Jerry. Yes, vacuuming can be a great way to clean your carpets and seats throughout the year in Phoenix.

But vacuuming is simply a temporary fix for a long term problem! Regardless of how much you vacuum any service- whether car of home- you still need a professional clean!

Vacuuming doesn't collect ALL those evil toxins down there in your carpet. It barely scratches the surface.

As for detailing your car- this is a necessity, and a great way to maintain a healthy car as well!

This helps to thoroughly collect and dispel those harmful floaties on your dashboards, doors, windows, and air. However, of course, it does not take care of the seats and carpets if they are't being cleaned!

In fact, most of that same bacteria and dirt is simply being stirred up during a car detail, and ends up setting and attaching to the fabrics in the car!

And then that's not really helping anyways is it?

Goodness gracious. What to do, what to do…

How To Clean Your Car Carpets And Upholstery Appropriately

Perhaps you are feeling a bit hopeless then about getting a thorough car cleaning?

Well you shouldn't! That's why you have Zerorez Phoenix!

To get your car 100% spick-and-span?

We suggest going to get your car thoroughly cleaned and detailed- inside and out- by your local car detailing shop! Or you can get it done for free right in your very driveway if you so please.

Once your car is nice and shiny, you can head home for your Zerorez professional carpet and upholstery cleaning appointment!

What's that you say?Zerorez does car carpet and upholstery TOO?

The Zerorez Car Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Process

Yes it's true- Zerorez offers professional car carpet and upholstery cleaning!

Here's how it works. We'll show up right on time for our scheduled appointment with you!

We will begin with a thorough pre-inspection and pre-treatment.

This agitates the embedded soils in the upholstery and carpets of your vehicle.

And then the Zerorez magic happens- we extract the soil using our Zr™ Water of course!

As an additional service, we can also re-apply the protectant that originally came on the fabrics! This helps them to resist soiling and staining in the future.

Who doesn't want that?

So call us today to book your car carpet and upholstery cleaning. OR book online HERE.

Until next time!


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