Zerorez SoCal Green Carpet Cleaning Process

Zerorez SoCal Green Carpet Cleaning

green carpet cleaning

Green, green, green! Anyone can claim to be "green" or environmentally friendly, but we have invested our time, money, and reputation to really deliver on that claim. Here's how:

ChemFree Pretreatment
Our ChemFree pretreatment process is the starting point. The product we use is water-based, soap and detergent free, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and leaves no residue. There is no chemical smell, just a light, fresh citrus fragrance during pretreatment of carpet fibers, and boy does it work! ChemFree is designed to break the bond between the fibers or fabric and the dirt molecules without leaving any residue, then it completely disappears during cleaning and extraction.

Zerorez Patented Cleaning Solution
Our patented alkaline water is the magic behind the Zerorez process. Although it is "only" water, it cleans like nothing you have ever seen. The water has been processed through electrolisis to create a patented alkaline solution that contains millions of hydroxide cleaning spheres that clean and eliminate dirt, bacteria, toxins, left-over soaps or detergents from previous cleanings, viruses, mold, yeast, pet dander, and many other unappealing and irritating products. We also heat our water to over 200 degrees to make sure that surfaces are sanitized and purified. Our Zerorez cleaning solution is made of environmentally friendly, treated water that is both non-toxic and pure enough to drink. Can even one of our competitors make such a claim? No, they cannot, because we hold the patent, and the generator for creating our alkaline water is prohibitive for all but the largest companies. But Zerorez is the only company authorized to clean in this totally green way. And other companies that claim to "clean green" use chemicals, they may be safe or non-allergenic, but there is no real way to measure what "green" chemicals means!

Quick Drying Process
Our moisture removal process is powered by our 350 hp truck engine, not the tiny 12 hp motor found in the back of the van of most of our competitors. That means we won't over-wet your carpet or soak the pad underneath, and your carpet will dry quickly. Why is that important? Because soggy, wet carpet is not only annoying, it can lead to mold, mildew, and the growth of bacteria. We have invested in a system to remove the moisture and make sure your carpet will dry quickly to give you a more sanitary, healthy result.

Green Fiber Protectant
Our fiber protectant, included in the price of every carpet and upholstery cleaning, is a green, non-toxic, biodegradable product that is water soluble and non-allergenic. It is applied at the end of the cleaning process to help keep your carpet and upholstery clean and safe from new stains and spills. We also offer a new anti-microbial protectant for an extra charge that punctures virus and bacteria molecules upon contact. If allergies, chemical sensitivities, and transfer of germs is a major concern to you for your family, be sure to ask your Zerorez technician about this exciting new product that we offer. Of course you are welcome to decline any type of fiber protectant, but most of our clients appreciate knowing that pre-treating, cleaning, and protectant are all part of the package at Zerorez so they do not have to worry about bait and switch tactics so common in the industry.

Lifetime HEPA Air Filters
We also clean air ducts to eliminate dust and dander transferred through the air, and we can custom order a special HEPA air filter for your heating/furnace system that is a heavy duty, life-time filter that can be hosed off and put right back into your HVAC system. That means less waste for landfills.

Allergist Recommended
Many allergists are now recommending Zerorez, not because they worry about your dirty carpet, but because they know that a Zerorez cleaning will eliminate many of the chemicals, contaminants, dust mites, pet dander and other problems that can negatively impact you and your family. Your carpet is the largest filter in your house and captures most of the airborne contaminants that float through the air. Our green process is the best, most environmentally sound solution to eliminate those problems.

Our commitment to you is to constantly strive to find the best, most environmentally sound, and most effective products that are available. We don't just say that we are green, we have invested and committed to that model, and we are the only ones in the industry that can truly make that claim without hesitation.


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