Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Zerorez® commercial hardwood floor cleaning provides you with floors that can transform your business space right before your eyes!

The Healthier Way To Clean Hardwood Floors

Washing hardwood floors with soaps, detergents, and harsh chemicals has been pretty common over the last twenty or so years, but many people have had complaints about their businesses being left with sticky flooring. The sticky residue left behind from soaps and detergents actually attracts more dirt, leading to more scratches and a duller appearance.

That's why Zerorez has created a cleaning alternative that eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and soaps: our innovative Zr™ Water. It's an alkalized water with the same cleaning power as soap that can deliver a healthier and longer-lasting cleaning experience without leaving a residue behind.

Your hardwood floors are one of the biggest and most visible surfaces in your business space, so keeping them clean in a healthy way isn't just good for appearances; it's good for your customers' and employees' health as we ensure your hardwood floors aren't slippery.

What To Expect During A Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Step 1

Your service begins with a phone call to the Zerorez team. Depending on your space, we can give you an estimate in person or over the phone and schedule an appointment from there.

Step 2

On the day of your appointment, you'll be greeted by a friendly technician who can answer any questions you may have about our services.

Step 3

The cleaning process always begins with applying our pretreatment, which begins lifting dirt right away.

Step 4

Next, we continue the cleaning with our Zr™ Water, flushing away the dirt and grime while simultaneously vacuuming up all the water and debris.

Step 5

When finished, you can add on our protective polyurethane coating that seals the wood to prevent scratches, helping your cleaning service last even longer!

Zerorez Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Washing hardwood floors can almost instantly give new life to a space, but depending on the surface area and the level of grime that has accumulated, it can take hours of back-breaking work. Mopping is a great way to keep hardwood looking clean between professional hardwood floor cleaning, but nothing makes hardwood floors shine like Zerorez.

Over time, hardwood gets scratched from dirt and debris, and it begins to acquire a film that dulls the color and shine. Your business space can go from looking luxurious to run-down in just a matter of months without proper care for the floors.

Enter Zerorez: the Experts in the Science of Clean®. With our commercial hardwood floor cleaning services, your business space will be transformed right before your eyes!

Why Choose Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

It may sound as simple as grabbing a mop and getting to work, but hardwood floors need a little more care than that.

Mops are a great option for hardwood floor maintenance, but the fibers on the mop heads can only pick up what sticks to their surface area, and once that surface area has been covered, mopping will only push dirt around.

Time is money, and spending all your time trying to mop could be costing you, especially if your hardwood floor gets a lot of foot traffic. Keeping your hardwood floor clean can help avoid premature wear and tear, helping your floors to last even longer.

Washing hardwood floors is as simple as calling or clicking. All you have to do is get in touch with Zerorez, the wood floor cleaning company you can count on!

With decades of experience and a passion for helping local businesses achieve a deep clean in a healthy way, we are the experts you can turn to. When you work with Zerorez, we promise:

  • Faster dry times

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Longer lasting clean

  • 30-Day Gotta Love It Guarantee

If you aren't happy with your hardwood cleaning service, we are more than happy to come back and reclean any areas of your hardwood floors that aren't shining to your satisfaction.

Zerorez guarantee logo

Zerorez Gotta Love It Guarantee®

If for any reason you are unhappy with your cleaning, give us a call within 30-days of your appointment, and we'll gladly return to re-clean areas with which you are dissatisfied at no additional cost.

Our Commercial Hardwood Cleaning Services

No matter the size of your commercial space, cleaning is a hassle. It takes time away from other, more productive things you could be doing to propel your business forward.

Leaning on Zerorez for regular professional hardwood floor cleaning services helps you keep up with your own busy schedule without the burden of having to deep clean your space on top of everything else. Hardwood floor cleaning services are perfect for:

  • School Gyms

  • Hotels/Motels

  • Dentists and Doctor's offices

  • Home Improvement Stores

  • Law and Accounting Offices

  • Insurance Offices

  • And More