Feces Removal 

Solid Feces

Pick up fecal matter, and dispose. Rinse area with water and vacuum.

Clean area with Zr Water® by spraying the area thoroughly. Blot dry.

If stain remains, use Basic Technique 4.

Not-so-solid Feces (diarrhea)

Cleaning diarrhea can be difficult. Start with the removal of as much as possible, by scooping it up, or with a shop-vac. Once the majority of the material is removed, gently pour warm water onto the spot and vacuum it up. Continue with this process until spot is gone. Vacuum as much liquid out as possible.

Spray area thoroughly with Zerorez Pet Stain and Odor Removal Treatment and let dry.

Vacuum area. If smell or stain persists, spray again with Zerorez Pet Stain Treatment, and let dry.

Vacuum area. If smell or stain still persists, contact us for a professional removal.