Motor Oil

Motor Oil Removal 

Motor oil is a doozy. Using water on oil at the beginning is not usually effective, so it is ok to skip some of the steps in the Basic Steps. It may be best to atttempt to remove the oil through blotting with a clean white towel or possibly vacuuming with a wet/dry vacuum, but do not use water. Skip steps 1-3, and use our Zerorez Spot Remover. Apply the Spot Remover to a clean towel, and gently blot the spot until it is removed. Then rinse with water and a shop-vac.

If you do not have Zerorez Spot Remover, it is possible to use a mild solvent. Nail polish remover can be used, as can rubbing alcohol or turpentine. It is very important to dampen the towel- do not pour solvents directly onto the carpet, as the solutions will destroy the glues in the backing. Blot the spot with the moistened towel. Allow the spot to sit for a couple of minutes before blotting with a clean dry towel. When spot is removed, rinse with water and a shop vac.

If stain persists, please contact us for a professional spot removal.