Carpet Cleaning New Smyrna Beach, FL

Powerfully Cleans without Harsh Chemicals™

Traditional cleaners use soaps and harsh chemicals that leave a sticky residue, attracting dirt over time. Our patented technology cleans with Zr™ Water - a powerful cleaner that is safe for people, pets, and the planet. When you call the Experts at Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning New Smyrna Beach, you will enjoy surfaces that stay cleaner and longer without dirt-attracting residue.

Carpet Cleaning New Smyrna Beach, FL

At Zerorez Carpet Cleaning New Smyrna Beach, we pride ourselves on the fact that we leave nothing in your carpet, rugs, tile grout, or upholstery that does not belong there. We have a high success rate with stain removal as our professional technicians are able to remove stains from your surfaces that you may have thought would never go away. Unlike many carpet cleaners in New Smyrna Beach, we make sure that no soapy residues, harsh chemicals, or extra water is put into your carpet and left behind. We are well aware of the long-term consequences that come along with cleaning with soap, harsh chemicals, or too much water. Cleaning carpets with soap or detergent will leave behind a sticky residue that will act like a dirt magnet. Using a carpet cleaner with harsh chemicals can be dangerous for you, your family, and your pets. Harsh chemicals can even ruin your carpets. Using lots of water to steam the surface in an attempt to make the carpet cleaner, instead, leads to the creation of a breeding ground for bacteria under the carpet padding.

To combat these common carpet cleaning service issues, Zerorez came up with a revolutionary cleaning process that will make your carpets stay cleaner longer. Zerorez uses a process that loosens embedded dirt with Zr™ Water then extracts the water with a powerful airflow wand. This wand recaptures 2X the amount of water that tools of traditional carpet cleaning companies do. In addition, our Zr Process® guarantees no flooded carpet padding and No Residue® left behind.

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Couch Cleaning Service - Zerorez® Upholstery Cleaning

There is no shortage of upholstery fabrics to choose from. No matter what you are looking for, there is guaranteed to be something for you! The key is to help maintain the life of your upholstery. However, given that there are so many different upholstery fabric types, couch cleaning can be a bit confusing. Fabric fibers are unique, and some are delicate, while others are water-soluble. Luckily there is a professional couch cleaner in the New Smyrna Beach area!

At Zerorez®, upholstery cleaning is our specialty. So if you do not know how to clean a couch, you have come to the right place! We clean upholstery without the use of soap or harsh chemicals to keep your surfaces safe, clean, and Residue Free®. By gently cleaning your furniture with our environmentally Zr™ Water, we will leave your surfaces Insanely Clean™ and Residue Free® so that your upholstery will stay cleaner longer.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It is our goal to provide you with affordable solutions to maintaining the carpets at your place of business. Whether it's a one-time cleaning or a maintenance package, we have the solution to your needs. We use our Zr Process®, which includes Zr™ Water, to address deep cleaning solutions and quick touch-ups.
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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Zerorez® is more than a unique professional carpet cleaning process. It can also clean and restore tile and grout. Our patented tile and grout cleaning process, which uses Zr™ Water, removes dirt from the surface of your tile and improves the color of your grout. Our trained technicians then apply Zr™ Water using a high but safe pressure. After cleaning your tile and grout, we coat your floors with our proprietary surface sealer. The sealer protects your floors and will keep them looking beautiful for many years to come.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floor cleaning is one of our most popular services. We clean all surfaces with our Zr™ Water and proprietary cleaning agents. Hardwood needs to be refreshed and cleaned on a regular basis. Zerorez® technicians clean hardwood floors with our proprietary Zr™ Water and a microfibre cleaning tool to clean between the fine grain of your flooring. Hardwood floors will absolutely gleam after Zerorez® cleans and buffs the floor with a special commercial buffer. In some cases, hardwood needs to be refinished. Zerorez® can recommend an expert refinishing company to do that work. But if your floors still have a good finish in place, Zerorez® is your best choice for hardwood floor cleaning services to freshen and shine. The advantage of Zerorez® is that your wood floors will have No Residue® or streaking left behind because of our incredible cleaning process and Zr™ Water. We have years of experience making wood floors look like new and we have the reviews to show it.

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