Zerorez Grout Restoration & Color Seal

The Zerorez tile and grout Restoration process repairs damage to your tile and grout, followed up by Color Seal to provide you with beautiful uniform grout throughout your home.
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Ready to rip out your tile?

With our Color seal process, your grout will no longer be porous, meaning dirt, oils, and stains will not be able to take hold in your grout, allowing it to maintain a beautiful uniform color throughout your tiled areas. Colorseal will also reduce the grittiness of your grout, making regular maintenance easier.

Beautifully Uniform Grout

The Zerorez Grout Restoration process will repair cracked or missing grout in your home, and color seal your grout to give you beautifully uniform floors that you can be proud of. Color sealed grout is no longer porous, meaning it is resistant to staining and dirt build-up, unlike traditional un-sealed grout.

Quick & Customizable

Our Color Seal Specialists will assist you in finding the perfect color for your color seal treatment. Whether you want to make your grout "disappear" or completely change the color to something that compliments your decor, the possibilities are endless!

The Color Seal process is quick and dries even faster, allowing you to get back to your daily routine.

Easy Maintenance

Once your grout is cleaned, repaired, and color sealed by Zerorez you will fall in love with how your grout looks and how easy it is to maintain! You will not see your grout darken over time as you are used to, because your grout is no longer soaking up dirt and oils. You will find mopping easier because your grout is less gritty and doesn’t hold onto dirt as easily.