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Carpet Cleaning in Piedmont

Our carpet cleaning services are available all throughout South Carolina. Our services rely not just upon our revolutionary carpet cleaning methods, but our exceptional customer service. Here at Zerorez®, we are committed to providing you with the best carpet cleaning Piedmont SC has to offer. Our patented green carpet cleaning process will ensure that your carpets are pristine and free of harsh chemicals. One of the most important innovations we have incorporated into our unique carpet cleaning process is our one of a kind carpet cleaner: Zr Clean™️. Zr Clean™️ is water that has been run through a softener to remove the minerals and heavy metals, a generator that electrolyzes the water and splits atoms in a way that creates a high alkaline water that has the ability to break down oils and dirt like soap or harsh chemicals, but without the negative side effects.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Your tile floors are not immune to the dirt, grime, and bacteria that form over time, especially in your grout. Our Piedmont Zerorez® patented tile and grout cleaning process includes applying Zr Clean™️ at a high but safe pressure to remove dirt and grime and restore your grout. We then apply our proprietary surface sealer to protect and beautify your tile, grout, travertine, or marble floor for years to come.

Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, dust and grime collect in your ductwork. When your heating and cooling system blows air through your vents, this dirt comes out with it, often gathering on fibers in your carpet and upholstery. A true whole-home cleaning includes your ductwork, which means cleaner air. Our powerful truck-mounted unit delivers the most effective air duct cleaning available by using a powerful whip line sent down each vent coupled with a vacuum system using over 15,000 cfm. If you need healthier air in your home, Zeorez® can help.

Upholstery Cleaning

We recognize that upholstery needs to be cleaned carefully because it is much thinner than carpet and comes in all different shapes, patterns, colors, sizes, and textures. Our professionally trained technicians know the techniques on how to handle your upholstered furniture with care while giving them the deep and thorough clean that they need. Let us show you The Right Way to Clean™.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

The Zerorez® rug cleaning process is certified Platinum by the Carpet & Rug Institute. We treat the delicate fibers of fine pieces with care. We only use products that are gentle on your rugs and safe for the people and pets in your home—plus our products are environmentally friendly. We provide a clean that restores the brilliant colors of oriental rugs and protects them from future damage.

What Piedmont is saying about Zerorez

Quality work and great price for the value! Andrew was wonderful! I would recommend him to my friends and family.
I had a bedroom carpet, couch, and loveseat cleaned. They looked so great afterwards that while they were still there I had them clean the tile in my kitchen and bathroom. I was so pleased with the results. I will be calling Zerorez for my next cleaning!!
From the first phone call inquiring about services everyone was kind and helpful. They called and arrived at the beginning of the time window and the results were wonderful!

Piedmont, SC

Less than 20 miles southwest of Greenville lies the small town of Piedmont, SC. This town of 5,000 that sits at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has a very fitting name as the meaning of the word Piedmont means "foot of the mountain." The area of Piedmont was originally settled by Native Americans. Years later it became a mill town. Many mills in the area took advantage of the Saluda river by using its water to power their mills.

Today the Saluda River in Piedmont SC is a popular spot for kayaking and fishing. Classes are offered to teach people how to kayak, canoe, and stand up paddleboard. A fisherman is likely to catch chain pickerel, sunfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, yellow perch, carp, sandbar shiner, and more while fishing on the Saluda River.

Biological Odor Treatment

Pet owners’ number one complaint is: How do we get pet smells out of our homes? Zerorez® has the answer! Traditional carpet cleaners often address the carpet surface, by trying to clean the visible animal waste, leaving a much larger problem underneath the carpet - But Zerorez® has a permanent solution: Attacking the problem from the bottom up—not the top down. This means we clean the subsurface, and seal the floor, replace your carpet pad in extreme cases and we use a green and highly proprietary (and amazingly effective) natural enzyme that eats away the residue of your pet’s accident(s) and eliminates the odor, permanently.

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