Rental Carpet Cleaning vs Zerorez

Why You Should Not Rent Carpet Cleaners

Growing up, we learn that it is important to learn how to become independent and do stuff on our own. Carpet cleaning is one of those areas that a lot of people feel like they can do because of how available rental cleaners are from stores like Walmart or Home Depot. The truth though, is that using those rental carpet cleaners actually can do more harm than good. These carpet cleaners typically use soap and harsh chemicals to clean your carpet.

The soap and harsh chemicals will probably work right after you use them, but they also leave residue that will attract dirt and grime as you and your family walk around on your carpet. This means that your carpets will get dirtier, faster!

Why You Should Use Zerorez

Zerorez is different! We understand the science behind carpet cleaning and so we created a new cleaning agent called Zr Water. This cleaning solution is made by electrolyzed water and is super effective. Not only does it work, but it is also safe for pets and children. You can even drink cleaning solution! The most important thing about our Zr Water is that it will not leave residue behind after it cleans.

This means that the dirt and grime that you track into your home and onto your carpets will be easier to clean and your carpets will look great much longer than if you used a rental carpet cleaner.