Your Upcoming Service

Congratulations on choosing Zerorez for your carpet, furniture, and hard surface cleaning needs! We have just a couple items for you to look over, and make sure your home or office is ready to be cleaned, so that your home or office is cleaned right the first time! We want the process to be as easy as possible for you, and the following links will help to make sure we can serve you best!

What to expect

Phone and Online Estimates

We pride ourselves on being very upfront about all pricing; however, estimates prepared over the phone are sight-unseen-best-guess-pricing. Room sizes vary and, as such, we will make adjustments to pricing before cleaning. Pricing is based on standard room size; larger areas that exceed 250 sq.ft. will be counted as two or more. Please let us know when you are booking your cleaning if you have wool carpet in your home. We do our best to relay the full story over the phone but it is helpful to reiterate there is a $132 Service Minimum for each appointment. Not all stains can be removed from carpet; sometimes things spilled or tracked in can permanently damage carpet fibers. Our technicians will do their best to manage your expectations throughout the cleaning process.

If you need to reschedule your cleaning

We know that things come up, and that you might need to change your appointment. Please be aware, our schedule fills up fast, and once a schedule is set we ask that you give us at least 2 business days notice if you need to cancel. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and give the utmost attention to our clients. We ask that you be considerate of our schedule as well and please let us know if the time doesn't work our for you. Thank you and see you soon!

Preparing for your clean

We Like to Park in the Street

While it may seem like it is farther for us to walk, we like to be in the street, preferably with as close to the front door as possible. Our vans are maintained and in tip-top shape, but we don't want to risk something leaking onto your driveway, if we can help it. In some instances, we will need to park in the driveway, if, for example, your driveway is really long or if you have a fence or other obstacle that makes it impossible for us to pull our hoses in from the street. Please leave a space for us to park, and remember, our vans are 20 feet long, so we need some space!

If we do need to park in your driveway, please have any vehicles that need to leave out. During the cold winter months, we do need to have a path cleared of snow and ice, for our technicians' safety.

WE DO NOT PARK IN GARAGES. Our vacuums are powered by the van, and we don't want a build up of carbon monoxide in your home!

We Like to Come in the Front Door

While this, too, is not always feasible, we like to enter your home through the front door. It gives us a little more space to work with, the door doesn't (usually) automatically close on us, and the front door is usually more centrally located.

We do have temporary doors that we can install to help keep the weather and bugs outside. These temporary doors fit most doorways, and let us bring our hoses in.
Please don't stack furniture against the front door!


Approximately 79% of all the soils in your carpet can be removed with thorough vacuuming. It is very important that you vacuum all the areas prior to our arrival. We are happy to help you vacuum, but we will use your vacuum, and there will be an additional charge for this service.

Why do we use your vacuum? We service many customers who have pet allergies, chemical sensitivities, and have other conditions that require them to have the cleanest environment possible. We don't want to cross contaminate your environment with something we brought in from another house or office. All of our equipment is washed after every appointment, but vacuums unfortunately can't be.

Please remove small articles such as toys, decorations, papers, magazines and clothes, to name a few, from the floor. Our vacuum sucks, literally, and we don't want to suck anything important up. We also don't want to misplace any objects or important papers when we try to help you out.

Moving Furniture

We work hard to give you the best clean possible, and to make sure we can get to you and all our other customers on time. We schedule arrival windows when you call to be able to accommodate you as much as possible. However, that means we must limit the scope of some of the work that we do. We will move up to 2 pieces of furniture per room at no additional charge. We typically work in one-man teams, and won't move heavy furniture. We can help you move up to a standard 3 seat couch. We DO NOT move beds, entertainment centers, dressers, desks, hutches, sectionals or cabinets. We also ask that you move any breakables, picture frames, lamps, books, and knick knacks from any end tables.

We are happy to clean up to and around any furniture you leave in place. Our patented cleaning system is safe and effective up to your furniture.

Important also to remember- we need to be able to get our equipment into the areas you want cleaned. Please don't block passageways or doors off.

Moving furniture to one side of the room and then moving it to the other side during the clean is not optimal. It often takes more time than moving pieces individually, and detracts from the finished appearance of the room. If you do choose to have multiple pieces of furniture moved during your clean, please leave them where they are. We need to be able to focus on the traffic patterns, not under the couch.

There will be an additional charge for moving more than the allotted 2 pieces per room. This will be determined onsite, depending on the number and size of the pieces to be moved.

Pet and Biologic Odor Removal

Treatment and pricing for pet accidents is not included in our standard cleaning. Urine, feces, blood or vomit may require additional cleaning procedures to address odor, bacteria and to remove stains that are otherwise irremovable. Pricing for these issues will be addressed on-site.If a recommended treatment for pet accidents is declined, we cannot warranty cleaning results in contaminated areas.

What to Expect From Your Clean

Clean Carpets! We have the best technology available to clean your home, and we work hard to make sure you have the cleanest environment possible. We also pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible. We have many, many testimonies from our customers saying how much they love how clean their homes are.
Some things to be aware of prior to your cleaning will help you have a better experience. First, 90% of carpet is made out of plastic. That means it is subject to damage, and if not properly maintained prior to your cleaning, even the best carpet cleaning won't get the traffic patterns out.

Traffic patterns are often the product of abrasion on the carpet fibers. In layman's terms, the carpet is scratched. It also means you will have some fiber loss, and the yarns may have become untwisted or have flattened out. This change in the texture of the fibers will cause the overall appearance of the carpet to change, often leaving dull, dirty looking carpets. In the industry, we call it "apparent soiling." This is permanent damage on the fibers, and cannot be cleaned away (we've tried!). It often looks better after the carpet is fully dried, but may still be visible.

Please inform your technician of any questions or concerns you may have. We are more than happy to go over areas again, just to be sure.

We do have a 30-day, Gotta-Love-It Guarantee, and if you are unhappy with your service, we will re-service the areas you are unhappy with. In instances where the carpet is stained, bleached, or contaminated with biologic matter, that we did not treat at the first appointment, there will be additional charges to remove or repair those concerns, if possible.