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Insanely Clean™

Traditional cleaners use soaps and harsh chemicals that leave a sticky residue, attracting dirt over time. Our patented technology cleans with Zr™ Water - a powerful cleaner that is completely safe for people, pets, and the planet. When you call the Experts at Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Albany, you will enjoy surfaces that stay cleaner and longer without dirt-attracting residue.

Carpet Cleaning Albany

You spend a significant amount of your life walking and even playing on the floors of your home. You deserve your carpets to be cleaned thoroughly and without flaws. When you need your carpets cleaned, come to us for a cleaning that will last. Most carpet cleaners use soaps and harsh chemicals to lift the dirt and grime from the carpet fibers and then attempt to extract it all out. You may not know, but this process leaves a sticky residue that causes your carpets to get filthier faster. Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Albany is different from other professional carpet cleaning companies. We use no soaps or harsh chemicals. Our process gets more out, dries faster, stays cleaner longer, and is safe for children, pets, and the environment. Months after getting your carpets cleaned with Zerorez® carpet cleaner, your satisfaction will not waver, and you will see why Zerorez® has the best carpet cleaning services Albany, Oregon offers.

The Zerorez Difference

At the heart of the Zerorez® revolutionary cleaning technology is its ability to clean without using high-residue soaps, detergents, shampoos, or chemicals.

Zerorez® cleaning services are based on its unique Zr™ Water technology. Zr™ Water is enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or harsh chemicals. No chemical additives are used to develop ourZr™ Water, just plain H2O and a little focused electricity.

Zerorez® is proud to have achieved Platinum Certification from The Carpet and Rug Institute. Platinum Certification is only awarded to systems that remove at least 90% of available soil.

Cleaning Surfaces That Matter Most™

We don't just clean carpets! Zerorez removes dirt and grime from living spaces and surfaces throughout your home, where you and your loved ones spend time. And, because we clean with our proprietary Zr™ Water, which doesn't contain dirt-attracting soap, detergent, or harsh chemicals, your surfaces stay cleaner, longer.

Air Duct Cleaning Albany

Did you know the air quality in your home can be as much as 5x -10x worse than the air outdoors? The list of potential allergens and pathogens in your ductwork is long: bacteria, kitchen grease, pet dander, and more. In fact, the EPA lists indoor air quality as one of the top 5 health threats in America.

Zerorez® offers the most advanced, powerful air duct cleaning system available. Trust our technology to keep you breathing easy and feeling well.

Tile Cleaning Albany

Traditional mopping spreads dirt and dust around, leaving behind anything that doesn't stick to your mop. In addition, soil build-up and other residue darken your tile and grout over time.

Our cleaning products contain no harsh chemicals and leave your floors clean and safe for the whole family.

The Zerorez® Zr™ Water process is second to none, but even the cleanest tile and grout will suck up dirt without sealing. That's why we use an exclusive Nano-Tech sealer to create an invisible barrier between your floors and dirt and grime. As a result, your tile and grout will stay cleaner longer and maintain their brilliance and shine.

Pet Treatment Albany

Pet owners' number one complaint is: How do we get pet smells out of our homes? Zerorez® has the answer! Traditional carpet cleaners often only address the carpet's surface by trying to clean the visible animal waste, leaving a much larger problem underneath the carpet - But Zerorez® has a permanent solution: Attacking the problem from the bottom up—not the top down. This means we clean the subsurface, seal the floor, and replace your carpet pad in extreme cases. Plus, we use a green and highly proprietary (and amazingly effective) natural enzyme that eats away the residue of your pet's accident(s) and eliminates the odor, permanently.

Upholstery Cleaning Albany

We recognize that upholstery needs to be cleaned carefully because it is much thinner than carpet and comes in different shapes, patterns, colors, sizes, and textures. Our professionally trained technicians know the techniques on how to handle your upholstered furniture with care while giving them the deep and thorough clean that they need. Let us show you The Right Way to Clean®.

Area Rug Cleaning Albany

The Zerorez® rug cleaning process is certified Platinum by the Carpet & Rug Institute. We treat the delicate fibers of fine pieces with care. We only use gentle products on your rugs and safe for the people and pets in your home. We provide a clean that restores the brilliant colors of oriental rugs and protects them from future damage.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Albany

The Zerorez® Hardwood Floor cleaning process was made to make your floors shine. Our cleaning system captures up to 90% more than other cleaners! Zerorez® uses powerful stand-alone cleaning units and the latest maintenance to bring your hardwood floors back to their original, natural luster. We will finish with a water-based polyurethane to seal the look and give your floors protection that lasts!

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