4 Reasons Why Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

Your carpet operates as a filter for your home, catching the pollutants that float around. Vacuuming is helpful for maintenance in the same way that brushing your teeth is great after a visit with the dentist. But both require a deeper, professional cleaning once or twice a year to maintain optimum health.

Here's why you need to schedule your next carpet cleaning with Zerorez ASAP:

① Vacuuming can't get it all.

At Zerorez, we love when our customers vacuum for routine maintenance, but vacuuming just doesn't clean the way that professionals do. Because it can't penetrate as deeply into your carpet fibers, you are left with embedded dirt and grime that causes microabrasions, weakening your carpet each time you walk on it. Only professional carpet cleaning services from Zerorez can help you achieve a Residue Free® clean that lasts.

② Your carpet could be causing your allergy symptoms.

If you are feeling stuffy or under the weather, it could be because your carpet is housing tons of non-living allergens and dirt. When you leave your home and come back, you bring things in on your clothing, on your shoes, and even through the opening of the door. To keep up with cleaning your home health, we recommend a professional carpet cleaning every 6-18 months, depending on the severity of your allergies.

③ Your carpet needs professional cleaning for a longer lifespan.

The longevity of your carpet is dependent upon how often you have it professionally cleaned. Carpet fibers can easily become matted due to dirt and grime, and the microabrasions can cause damage to the fibers, as well as the weave. Professional carpet cleaning revitalizes the carpet fibers, giving them more durability and plushness, leading to a longer lifespan on your carpet.

④ A clean home reduces stress and boosts immunity.

According to researchers at PsychReg.org, having a clean home can benefit your body and mind. A clean home was shown to support health by reducing stress and boosting immunity. Referencing studies from Indiana University and the National Sleep Foundation, both found that clean homes led to healthier people with improved quality of sleep, resulting in better feelings about themselves and better overall health.

We always encourage people to do their best to keep their carpets clean, but at the end of the day, no one can clean your home like the Zerorez team. With our unique technology, we have created a carpet cleaning solution unlike any other.

Plus, scheduling routine professional carpet cleaning services with Zerorez means that your carpet will last longer, dry quicker, and result in a healthier home overall. To learn more about what makes Zerorez so unique, visit our website.

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