5 Clean Dog Breeds To Help Maintain A Clean Home

Are you considering getting your next sweet family doggo, but you're just not quite sure what kind to get? We know- they are all SO cute! You should certainly get one that's breath-takingly adorable. And of course, one you share an unbreakable bond with.

But we also consider other factors too, such as:

If you get a puppy, you have to take significant amounts of time training and potty training the pup. Therefore, accidents on your precious carpet is 100% likely.

If you get an older dog, you must consider that, depending on their age, they may have accidents as well, due to lack of bladder control.

We also consider breed as well. Which breed will listen and train the best- so as not to have accidents on your floor?

Which one sheds the least, so your furniture, flooring, and couches aren't coated in dog hair? Will one breed train faster than another?

Pets are vital to our families, and our happiness! They can also have a huge impact on our homes as well. How often we might need to vacuum up pet hair. How often will we need to get the carpets or furniture professionally cleaned from accidents.

We are no dog experts! However, we do know the top 5 dogs that shed the least, as well as the top 5 dogs who train the quickest!

Top 5 Dog Breeds That Shed The Least - For A Less Hairy House!

You'd be surprised- from our research (we're totally dog experts right?) it seems that dogs with the longest hair, shed the least. You'd think that would be opposite right?

So did we! However, that is not the case! We're all learning something new today. So let's talk about the top 5 breeds that either don't shed at all, or hardly at all, so as for a less hairy floor!

1.Tibetan Terrier

As we said- some of the pup's with the longest hair, also happen to shed the least. Therefore, a Tibetan Terrier is a prime example!

Just look at that fluffy doggo! Tibetan Terrier's are the most hypo-allergenic breeds on this planet. Meaning you'll rarely find hair in your home, AND you won't have to worry about little Jonny over there sneezing with red puffy eyes all day!

However, this furry pup certainly needs grooming often. So while you save money on cleaning your floors, you happen to still spend a bit on dog grooming!

2. Maltese Terrier

Number two on our list- Maltese Terrier. Oh are you beginning to see a trend here in hypoallergenic dogs? Yes! These terrier breeds are superior!

If you're looking for a smaller terrier, however, than the Tibetan, then this little guy might be ideal. Shedding is minimal, and his hair is medium length- meaning not as much grooming for this sweet pup!

These little guys are known for their friendly, playful, and fluffy nature!

Just look at him… is he even real, or is that a teddy bear? I mean. Come on…

3. Shih Tzu

Surprisingly, not enough, is number three- Shih Tzu! Yet another long hair lover who doesn't shed very much! In fact, Shih Tzu's hair ONLY comes out when it's brushed, groomed, or broken! Crazy right?

Not to mention these dogs are extremely loyal and loving! Unfortunately they get a bad rep for other things- such as barking, and being "ugly" as they become adults. But hey, ugly pups deserve love too!

However, we think they actually are quite adorable; how could you say no to that face?

4. Portuguese Water Dog

Say what now? Though the name of this doggo may not be familiar, his looks certainly are. Often confused with Poodles because of their coats, this breed is actually quite popular.

They're loyal and energetic nature allows them to be great as either family dogs, or also as work or show dogs!

Their coats shed very minimally, and like most of the dogs we've discussed, he will need a bit of grooming. But it is certainly worth it!

He could be that extra throw pillow on your bed at night that you've been telling your husband you need!

An extra large throw pillow…

5. Poodles

Well, not that we're sort-of on the subject, given that water dogs are often confused with poodles: number five is the Poodle!

Whether you go with a toy poodle, miniature, or regular, these cuddly dogs hardly shed! Besides that, just LOOK at those eyes! To die for!

Surprisingly enough, while poodles are just altogether intelligent, and adorable, they are also known for not smelling… Isn't that weird…?

Top 5 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds- For Better Potty Training!

Now we're onto another important dog-and-your-flooring related topic: which dog breed is the most intelligent, and has the potential to potty-train the best? You know, so that accidents are less likely on your precious carpeting!

Let's talk about the top 5 most intelligent, fast-learning indoor dog breeds for quick and easy potty training (let's avoid accidents on your carpets!).

1. Border Collie

Surprising no one, Border Collie's are number one on the most intelligent dogs list. These pups are known for their sheep-herding nature, therefore making them one of the easiest breeds to train!

Once trained, Border Collie's do not, and will not (if they can avoid it), make accidents in your home if properly trained!

These hard-working pups are known for their loyalty, hard work, and energetic nature. And do we even need to point out how gorgeous these dogs are?

2. Poodles

Well, would you look at that! This brilliant breed has made both of our dog breed lists today. I guess you have your answer- you have no choice but to get a poodle now…

But just in case the Poodle look may not be what you're looking for, keep in mind. They hardly shed AND they are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet.

They will the gentlest on your flooring!

Nuff said…

3. German Shepard

As no shock to anyone, number three is of course, the beautiful German Shepard. We're all familiar with their police and military background, showcasing how clearly brilliant this breed is.

They are also extremely loyal to their family, and great with children. However, they may take time to warm up to strangers, but they warm up to their potty training right away!

4. Golden Retriever

As natural born service animals, and hunting dogs, the Golden Retriever lands number four on our list! These pups are brilliant, and learn extremely quick at any job they are given! Of course, that means incredible at potty training! Or teaching them to sit. Or lay down. Or catch a bird…

Regardless, a Golden Retriever may be the way you want to go as one of the most loyal, loving, and fast-learning doggos out there!

5. Doberman Pinscher

These awesome, and extremely brilliant dogs can be quite intimidating. They are fantastic in the area of training for agility contests- their strength, endurance, and speed is astounding. This breed also is known for their background in police, and military work as well!

This type of dog soaks in their training like no other!

Unfortunately, this breed is often known as a quite aggressive, and frankly terrifying, breed of dogs. However, not all of these dogs are scary and aggressive!

They are certainly loyal to their family and great with the children in their family as well. But just like the Shepard, he can be stand-offish to strangers and other animals. He's an amazing choice if you're looking for a quick-learning, intelligent animal.

How Does The Zerorez Pet Spot Treatment Work?

No matter what loving family animal you end up choosing- know that Zerorez® can treat any type of pet stain or hairy upholstery!

Our process starts with flushing out the stained area in the rug or carpet with our exceptional, top secret pet stain formula! We continue this with a special tool called a "Sub-floor Extractor".

We then apply a second top-secret Zerorez pet stain formula. This "re-creates" the conditions of penetration, and allows this mixture to really sit and soak in.

We then extract all the water and formula from the treated area, applying a Zerorez stain deodorizer to the area (if you wish), and then place a fan above the area for optimal drying time!

Stick to this Zerorez Phoenix list of doggos, if you're looking into get a pup for the family. It's important of course, to choose the one you fall in love with! But it doesn't hurt to know what to look for in order to maintain a clean and healthy home, even with a dog! Regardless of what kind of family pup you chose, Zerorez will be there to save the ay for any pet accident emergency!


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