5 Tips for Commercial Cleaning

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Keeping up with the cleaning schedule for a commercial property can be extremely daunting. The buildings are larger, the traffic is more regular, and the stakes are higher. The good news is that you can stay on top of things if you keep yourself organized and cultivate excellent habits. Create a cleaning checklist, schedule deep cleans, and then stick to your plan at all times. Keep your property in top condition by learning more about these five commercial cleaning tips.

1 - Leverage the Latest and Greatest Technology

When you're caring for large commercial property, it's important to be equipped with the best equipment you can reasonably afford. Some owners try to save a few dollars by using outdated tools, but this makes the jobs take longer and prevents the staff from getting things as clean as they could. It will pay off in the long run if you invest in great supplies, so consider your needs and budget carefully before you buy.

This includes mops, vacuums, and cleaners. If you're having trouble deciding which products are worth your money, check online reviews to see what has high levels of customer satisfaction. Your employees, tenants, and visitors all notice how beautiful your property is, so an investment in cleanliness will be good for your business in both the short and long term.

2 - Clean Green

This tip almost counts as an extension of the first one because it relates to the quality of the products you use. There is an old wives' tale that gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies don't work as well as the harsher chemicals. Simply put, that myth is completely false. In fact, using dangerous chemicals on your property will wear it out prematurely, and that erosion of your materials is impossible to undo. Avoid things like bleach whenever possible. This will help your property last longer, and it will also help keep people safe and healthy since so many cleaning chemicals can be toxic.

3 - Keep Work Areas Tidy

Organization and attention to commonly used equipment are the most important steps here. A tidy work area looks better, and it's also easier to clean. A cluttered space leaves lots of areas where dust can hide. You can't always take control of your employees' desks, but you can encourage them to keep their workspaces tidy and organized. Papers, folders, and personal effects should be put away or neatly displayed.

In many workplaces these days, the computer is the most important piece of equipment. Since people are over their computer all day, putting their hands on it, screens and keyboards can get pretty filthy. Either add these components to your cleaning checklist or ask your employees to clean their space at regular intervals.

4 - Sanitize Bathrooms

Keeping a filthy bathroom is one of the surest ways to disgust your visitors. The very nature of toilets makes them one of the dirtiest parts of any property, so it's especially important to prioritize bathroom cleanliness. The whole room can get covered in germs in a hurry, so focus on more than just the toilet.

In addition to toilets, make sure your entire stalls are kept clean. Doors, sinks, and even walls can all become hotbeds for germs in a bathroom environment. Sanitize the entire room on a daily basis if possible, and get deep cleans early and often. Tile and grout are great for bathroom surfaces because it doesn't get stained as easily, but even that is susceptible to germs. Get help from professional tile and grout cleaners on a regular schedule.

5 - Schedule Deep Cleans for Your Carpet

Regular cleaning and vacuuming will help keep too much dust, contaminants, and grime from sinking into your carpet fibers. Even the best regular maintenance routine can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of traffic that goes through your commercial property. Over time, the spills, dirt, and general foot traffic will start to wear on your carpet.

You can reverse this process by scheduling occasional, professional deep cleans for your carpet. A professional service can clean all the way down to the very base of your fibers, which will lift out everything that has sifted down over time. The deep clean will restore the look and feel of your carpet, which gives your building a much more professional and upscale appearance. Even more importantly, it can eliminate harmful germs.

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