Why Air Ducts Smell and How to Fix It

Have you noticed a bit of a funk lately in your house? Or maybe you've caught a whiff or two of something stinky and can't quite figure out where it's coming from?

Believe it or not, you might be noticing an air duct smell starting to filter into your house slowly.

While it can be unpleasant in the short term, the good news is that there are steps that you can take to have your house smelling clean and fresh again in no time at all.

Can air ducts make your house smell?

Absolutely. 100%, yes.

Air ducts are the main component of your house that pull the air in and out of rooms. This means that dirt and grime, along with pet dander, smoke, mold, and mildew, can all produce smells that circulate through your vents.

Why is there a bad smell coming from my ducts?

The number one reason that people start to notice a smell in their air ducts is a mold or mildew issue.

The moment that you notice a scent wafting through the air means that a cleaning of the air ducts needs to be scheduled and performed immediately.

Smells that start coming from the air duct when it is dirty or needs a deep cleaning can smell like a variety of things. Some of the smells that you'll notice can be:

  • Smoke/cigarette smoke
  • Dead animal
  • Rust smell
  • Musty Sewer/sewage
  • Skunk
  • Burning smell
  • Urine/pee
  • Dead animal

Talk about a lot of unpleasant smells, right?

Rather than sit and keep those smells coming into your home, it's time to take action and get rid of that unpleasantness ASAP.

Inside look of an air vent before Zerorez<sup>®</sup> air vent cleaning and then after, which removed all the air duct smell

How do you stop smells from going through vents?

You have to clean your vents and air ducts. It's the only way to stop smells from moving around your house.

Cleaning the air ducts means that you can take charge of the issue in an efficient and simple way. The smells simply won't go away, so cleaning is a must-do.

How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Sometimes, the need to clean air ducts might not be as simple to recognize as you might think. There are a few reasons that air duct cleaning needs to occur, and these reasons can apply to any age of home.

  1. Dirt and Dust: If you have pets or notice that everyone in your house is starting to get a bit more sniffly and sneezy, it's time to clean the dirt and dander from the vents.
  2. Mice: Mice get into everything - everything! If they're running around the air ducts and in your house, then there is going to be mouse poop and germs in there.
  3. Construction: Home remodeling and construction inside the home means that there is likely a lot of dust in the air ducts. Clean it out so that your home will be nice and new.
  4. Fire or Mold Issue: Having a fire in the home or a mold issue is a huge hazard, and air duct cleaning needs to be on your radar to do ASAP.
a black man wearing a blue shirt and gloves and Zerorez<sup>®</sup> face mask cleaning a ventilation system to remove air duct smell and vent odors

How do I clean my air ducts?

Getting your air ducts professionally cleaned is the best way to ensure that air ducts are cleaned the right way.

It's not as simple as using a standard vacuum - as you need a lot more force and suction power to get out all the dust particles.

Calling in the professionals from Zerorez® is the best way to remove dirt and debris. We use an air duct track that vacuums at 15,000 cubic feet per minute, which is 5-7 times more powerful than other service providers!

Every piece of dirt and dust extracted gets put right from your ducts into the truck - to be disposed of immediately.

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