Zerorez Was Founded on Science

20 years ago, Zerorez® brought carpet cleaning out of the dark ages by addressing this scientific question:

Why does traditional carpet cleaning usually fail to keep carpets clean?

Science taught us that using particular soaps and detergents makes dirt cling to carpet fibers, causing soil spots to reappear and a "crunchy" carpet feel.

Our Hypothesis:
There is a way to clean carpets without detergents or soap.

The Result:
We created a revolutionary process made to leave Zero Residue® by replacing detergents, soap, and harsh chemicals with our invention of Zr™ Water. The results of our tests were SHOCKING. Our hypothesis was correct! When we clean withZr™ Water, your floors will stay cleaner longer!

We've created the greatest process in carpet cleaning history!

· No Soaps or Harsh Chemicals

· Zero Residue® Carpet Cleaning

· Safe for your Family, Pets and Environment

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