15 Dog Breeds That Don't Smell & Tips for Less Dog Odors

If you love owning dogs, you probably prefer dogs that don't smell. According to the American Kennel Club, all dogs smell, but some smell more than others.

Healthy, properly fed, and well-groomed dog breeds have little to no smell. Some of the odorless dog breeds include the following:

  • Coton de Tulear
  • Schnauzer
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Basenjis
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Bichon Frises
  • Portuguese Water Dog (PWD)
  • Chihuahua
  • West Highland Terrier
  • Havanese

Get rid of your dog's odor by feeding him correctly, bathing and grooming him, and often taking him to the vet for a medical checkup. We shall focus on the least smelly dog breeds and how to prevent or lower dog odor.

What to Do to Prevent Dog Smell and Odors

Several factors contribute to dog odor, including poor health, grooming habits, and diet. Proper dog grooming, a good diet, and regular medical checkups reduce dog odor regardless of skin type, age, or oil production level.

Pet Bathing and Grooming

Failure to bathe your dog for a long time causes pet dander to build up, resulting in pet odor. Long-haired dogs sometimes retain urine odor. Dogs that love rolling in the mud or soil require a bath soon after that to prevent body odor.

Most active dogs are playful, so they love running through snow, mud, dirt, or puddles, which can soil or muddy their coats. Dogs such as Newfoundlands, golden retrievers, and Labradors are swimmers, so they need a bath after their coat gets wet to prevent odor.

Regular brushing, grooming, and excellent hygiene practices eliminate or minimize a dog's odor regardless of breed and age.

Avoiding Too Many Baths!

Bathing your dog is crucial, but overdoing it removes essential natural oils from his skin and coat. If you bathe your dog too often, he secretes more oils, attracting grime, dirt, and odor-inducing bacteria.

Contact your vet if you're unsure how often to bathe your dog.


The food you give your doggy contributes greatly to his body odor. Cheap dog food contains lots of corn and other grains, which ferment and cause gas that results in doggy odor.

An excellent doggy diet comprises Omega 3 and 6 and other essential fatty acids. This eliminates dog odor and gives your buddy a shiny, smooth coat. A good dog diet can reduce or eliminate dog odor, regardless of breed. Cook dog food instead of buying commercial food because some contain carcinogens and other unhealthy products.

Some ingredients in commercial dog food may cause excessive gas and indigestion, resulting in a foul dog smell. Natural diets make the best dog food.

Regular Medical Checkup

Clogged, abscessed or infected anal glands cause doggy odor, pain, or inflammation. Fungi, environmental factors, parasites, food sensitivity, contact, and bacteria may cause a dog's skin infection, which results in an odor, inflammation, scabs, redness, and sores.

Dogs' ears trap dirt and moisture, especially after a walk, playing in the mud, or rolling on the ground. This causes yeast and bacteria to grow in your dog's ears, resulting in odor, pain, and inflammation.

Gum diseases, broken or loose teeth, and tooth decay result in a stinking dog's breath.

Frequent visits to the vet help to eliminate dog odor resulting from ear, tooth, anal glands, and other health problems.

How to Remove Dog Smells and Odors in Your Home

The two best ways to reduce or get rid of pet odor in your home are:

Our range of professional services includes cleaning mattresses, carpets, and upholstery. To get a free quote, contact our customer care representative at 866-937-6739 or schedule a pet odor treatment today online.

It can also be helpful to buy hypoallergenic carpets and rugs or even just carpets that are good for pets.

15 Dogs That Don't Smell

Every dog breed has a unique smell. According to Dr. Jerry Klein, the Chief Veterinary officer at the American Kennel Club, some dog breeds are 'smellier' than others due to higher oil production. Those with lower oil production are considered to be the least smelly or non-smelly dogs.

A dog's level of oil production is determined by what he was bred to do. For example, Newfoundlands, golden retrievers, and Labradors were bred to swim, so they have water-repellent coats; hence, their sebaceous glands secrete more oil.

Hypoallergenic dogs, such as Poodles and Bichon Frises, produce less dander and are hence free of dog odor. Read on as we focus on doggies that don't smell.

small white Coton De Tulear sitting on green grass outside

1. Coton De Tulear

Don't be deceived by their long hair. Coton de Tulear has no doggy odor, even when wet. This breed has fewer genetic diseases and doesn't shed much. Coton de Tulear is the best breed to consider when you're looking for a great companion for an allergic person or one living in an apartment.

small tan and brown Poodle sitting with a bouquet of flowers on a white bed

2. Poodles

Poodles have a curly coat and are non-shedding dogs. Well-groomed poodles are odorless. Brush your poodle daily and take him for professional grooming every 4 - 6 weeks.

close up of the face of a gray and white Schnauzer dog breed

3. Schnauzer

As high-maintenance breeds, Schnauzers shed little and have less doggy smell. Their wiry, softer topcoat requires extra grooming to prevent inner coat matting.

close up head shot of Italian Greyhound  looking directly at the camera

4. Italian Greyhound

This is a low-maintenance dog with less odor. It doesn't shed much because it has short hair that doesn't need regular brushing.

tall Basenjis dog breed that doesn't smell

4. Basenjis

Basenjis have hair, not fur, and are low-maintenance dogs. Light weekly brushing helps the coat oil spread evenly, preventing body odor.

Kerry Blue Terrier sitting on a pink sheet background

6. Kerry Blue Terrier

Like cats, the Kerry Blue Terrier naturally keeps itself clean. It doesn't shed, but regular bathing keeps it cleaner and odorless. For hygiene purposes, clip your dog's nails every six weeks.

fluffy white Bichon Frises lying down on green grass with some yellow flowers near by

7. Bichon Frises

Bichon Frises are dog breeds that don't stink unless you haven't properly groomed them or they have an ear, dental, or skin infection. These dogs don't shed but require brushing twice or thrice weekly to prevent fur matting and odor.

black and white Portuguese Water Dog standing on a pier dock

8. Portuguese Water Dog (PWD)

This non-shedding dog has less dander. Portuguese Water Dogs don't stink unless after a workout, being rained on, or rolling on mud. Keep your PWD breeds clean and odorless by brushing them often.

cute white and brown eared Chihuahua  sitting on a fabric couch

9. Chihuahua

They're attention seekers so they love regular brushing, which keeps their skin and coat in perfect condition. Chihuahuas don't smell unless there's an underlying health problem.

wet West Highland Terrier sitting on a rock along the Pacific Ocean beach shoreline

10. West Highland Terrier

Also known as Westies, West Highland Terriers have a non-smelly, non-shedding coat. Their unique coat requires brushing daily, eliminating the need to bathe them often. Bathing a West Highland Terrier often strips off healthy oils on his skin, resulting in body odor. Let your Westie get groomed professionally every 4 to 6 weeks.

white Havanese dog on a white rug with a vase behind him

11. Havanese

Havanese don't stink unless after a long walk or being rained on. To keep him healthy and hygienic, bathe your Havanese dog once weekly if he is playful or walks regularly. Bathe him every 3 to 4 months if he spends most of his time in a clean environment.

If you notice a foul smell, take your furry friend to a veterinarian for ear, teeth, and skin infection checkup and treatment. Dirty paws, a muddy coat, and infected anal sacs also make Havanese smell.

Dachshund dog on a gray bedspread

12. Dachshunds

Dachshunds hardly smell unless you neglect to groom them or they have an underlying medical problem such as blocked anal glands and ear infection.

Whippets dog outside in the snow, free of smells

13. Whippets

Whippets have a sleek, short coat that is easy to care for and maintain. They don't stink unless rained on, and the odor disappears once the dogs dry.

Papillon dog breed that doesn't smell

14. Papillon

A low-maintenance breed, papillons have long, silky hair that needs grooming monthly or more if necessary. To prevent matting, brush his hair weekly. Papillons are odorless and clean dog breeds suitable for country estates or city apartments.

Goldendoodle puppy

15. Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are a crossbreed of golden retriever and poodle. Poodles are among the least smelly dogs because they produce less oil, making the Goldendoodle low-odor dogs. Groom your Goldendoodles often and bathe them every 2 to 6 weeks, depending on where they spend their day.


Do Beagles Smell?

Beagles smell more than most dogs, but it's bearable. If your beagle's smell is unbearable, something is wrong with him, and you need to take him to the vet for a checkup.

Dental problems, skin allergies, ear infections, infected anal glands, indigestion, and excessive gas, are some of the factors that heighten a beagle's smell. When they get dirty or wet, beagles' smell also increases.

We hope this article helps you select the best low odor dog for your home! But, if you ever struggle with pet odors on carpets, rugs, or upholstery, be sure to contact Zerorez for pet spot and odor treatments!

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