How Do You Clean Really Dirty Grout?

Tile is a popular flooring choice in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and more. Part of its popularity is because tile is generally easy to clean, thanks to being much less porous than carpets or wood. However, suppose you notice that the tiles themselves look clean while the grout between them appears grimy or stained. In that case, it's important to take steps to clean and protect your grout.

Why Is My Grout Dirty When My Tile Is Clean?

One of the best ways to keep tile clean between professional cleanings is by sweeping and mopping. However, you may notice that while the tile looks clean after mopping, the grout between the tiles appears dirtier and dirtier the more you mop. This is because grout is made from different materials than the tile itself. Grout materials like cement or epoxy are more porous than tile, so they let in more water and dirt than tile does. When you mop, the residue from the cleaners you use can get trapped in the grout and attract even more dirt and grime.

Addressing dirty grout is important for your home's appearance and your health. When dirty water from mopping soaks into the grout and residue continues to draw more grime, the grout can become a breeding ground for dangerous mold and bacteria. Keeping your grout clean will leave your home sparkling and healthy.

How to Keep Grout Clean

Maintaining clean grout will involve different products than those used to clean your tile. Be careful with store-bought cleaners and harsh chemicals, as they can break down the grout and make it even more prone to taking on dirt and water. To keep grout clean between professional services, use common household products such as baking soda, peroxide, dish soap, and hot water. By letting formulas like this sit on the grout for a few minutes and then scrubbing clean, you can keep dirt and grime at bay.

However, the most important step to keep grout clean and healthy is to schedule professional cleanings. Zerorez Northern Colorado uses an innovative Zr Water™ formula strong enough to break down dirt and oils. Together with tools like the Zr Lifter™, this formula provides a deep clean without damaging the grout. This process leaves zero residue behind, meaning no chemicals will be left in the grout to attract dirt and grime.

How to Protect Grout

Cleaning grout is only one part of the equation. It's also important to seal grout in order to protect it in the long term. Sealing grout helps make it less porous, so that dirt and bacteria can't permeate the cement or epoxy of the grout itself. Zerorez Northern Colorado uses a specialized sealer that penetrates the grout and bonds with the grout and stone on a molecular level. This can help block oil, dirt, and stains from settling into the grout. Sealing your grout will also allow you to wait longer between mopping and enjoy a fresher, cleaner floor free of stains.

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