How Professionals Clean Grout & Why It's Better than DIY

Many people have curiously wondered: "How do professionals clean grout?" Cleaning grout isn't overly complicated, but there are professional grout cleaners for a reason. The steps and process to clean grout are sometimes tedious, but they are still so important to keep it looking clean.

In this post, you'll learn the answer to how to clean tile and grout professionally.

How To Clean Grout Like A Professional

When it comes to learning how to clean grout like a professional, it's important to know what type of service they provide and what professional grout-cleaning tools the pros use.

While cleaning your grout can be done yourself with over-the-counter products and tools, the professionals take the time to actually inspect the grout and tiles to ensure they clean them in a way that protects the tile and grout from damage - and still look brand new afterward.

The inspection process is part of the professional tile and grout cleaning cost, and it's actually really worth it to have that done. This is because there are some cleaning agents out there that can actually discolor or damage tile, make the grout change color, or even erode the grout and cause it to fail - and once that happens, there's no coming back from that.

After inspecting the grout, they'll be able to tell you the exact steps that will be done to make the grout look new - no matter how old it is.

What do professional grout cleaners use?

Professional grout cleaners use the best possible products and methods on the market to bring your grout back to life.

The difference between how to clean grout like a professional and any how-to, DIY method using over-the-counter products, is the efficacy, the chemicals, and how deep of a clean you actually get. Products you buy at the store often only clean on the very top of the grout surface.

When you hire a professional, they clean the grout quickly, safely, and efficiently. The pros can clean both the tile and grout at the same time and ensure any stains are gone for good.

Professional grout cleaners like Zerorez® start the tile and grout cleaning process by applying a pre-treatment spray.

Then they use a special tool called the Zr™ Lifter which has counter-rotating brushes which safely and gently loosen the dirt and grime trapped in the peaks and valleys of your tile and grout in a matter of minutes.

Next, Zerorez uses specialty tile and grout cleaning tools which have water control technology, to safely rinse your tile and grout of dirt and grime at the right temperature and the right water pressure.

The water Zerorez uses to clean tile and grout is called Zr™ Water, which is water that is purified, ionized, and alkalinized. It's safe for people, pets, and the planet, yet is scientifically designed to attract and dissolve dirt and oils stuck to your tile and grout.

This means Zero Residue® is left behind from soaps, detergents, gels, creams, or other grout cleaning products or methods.

This is important because soaps and detergents left on tile and grout actually work to attract dirt and grime. With DIY grout cleaning methods, it can be near impossible to completely rinse the cleaning agents off yourself, so you'll frustratingly find your tile and grout getting dingy and dirty far too soon.

It's the same reason why your tile and grout are sticky after mopping and why grout turns black.

That's why hiring Zerorez for your professional tile and grout cleaning is often the best choice.

Plus, after Zerorez cleans the tile, they can add a professional grout sealer which provides an added layer of protection against both oil and water-based spills and stains and even has UV protection protection to protect the color.

Regular store bought grout sealers are topical sealers and don't actually fill in the pores of your grout, whereas Zerorez uses a penetrating sealer which looks and works better than traditional products.

Does professional grout cleaning work?

Absolutely. Those who clean tile professionally are actual professionals in cleaning. This means that they've studied the products and done countless cleanings with outstanding results.

Since grout is used in all types of tile work, and there are all types of tile that can be bought, professionals know exactly the right cleaning agent to use on the grout, ensuring that the grout and tile get cleaned perfectly every time.

These before and after professional grout cleaning show how well it works:

Professionals even go a step further and make sure that the grout will not only look shiny and new, but it will also stay shiny and new thanks to their top-of-the-line grout sealers.

The tools and cleaners that are used by grout-cleaning professionals prove that they're seriously well equipped to clean grout.

After the grout cleaners professionally clean the entire room and area, it will look like the grout was actually redone and replaced - but cleaning by a pro actually accomplished that for a fraction of the cost, time, and energy!

Hiring a professional grout cleaner means no getting your hands and knees, no accidental damages to your tile or grout, no time-consuming scrubbing with sub-par tools, and no time spent doing it! That makes professional tile and grout cleaning worth it, even with the additional professional tile cleaning cost.

So, for zero stress and zero mess, schedule a professional tile cleaning with Zerorez!

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