Ever Wonder Why Your Tile Grout Is Black?

One of the most common, and mysterious questions- "My house is spotless, so why is the tile grout still black?! I sweep and mop quite often, using soap or floor cleaners, but I do not have the time to get on my knees and scrub the grout with a toothbrush!"

Trust us Sally, we understand the heartache in that. No one has time to scrub the tile grout with a toothbrush. And you shouldn't have to! That's why we make our kids do it for some extra cash… But in all seriousness, yes, that devastating black tile grout haunts our dreams doesn't it?

So the question that begs to be asked- why does it turn black over time, and how can I clean my tile grout without causing myself some earnest knee and back problems?

Traditional Tile Cleaning

Well, Sally, let us tell you. Don't get us wrong- you are doing a fine job at sweeping and mopping your tile frequently, as you should be. But mops are not your best friend, and neither is the soap or detergent you are using on the tile.

Traditionally, when we mop our floors, we use some kind of Swiffer mop, or a Sponge-Mop- those are the mops with the yellow sponge at the head? Some may even use the Looped-End mops - those are the stylish looking ones with the dread lock head right?

Then what we do is fill the bathtub, the sink, or a mop bucket with some warm water and add in our detergent- dip and then go to town.

While it may seem we are putting all this hard-working elbow grease mopping away and soaking those wretched germs right into the mop, it's actually quite the opposite.

Yes, that is very sad concept Sally, we know. But the reality is that those mops are likely soaking up about 40% of the dirt and grime on your floor- which, sure that's cool in all. But the question is this- where does that other sneaky 60% go?

So Why Is My Grout Black?

Well. That other 60% of dirt and grime simply stays there, on top of the tile, just drying in like raindrops on a sidewalk, on a hot Phoenix day. BUT sad day… most of it actually catches in your grout and makes itself a cozy little home… Forever. Yes that beautiful black grout of yours, oh no!

Your tile and grout dries with the detergent, dirt, and water mixture on it, leaving the most enchanting residue behind. This residue is a remnant of the detergent in the mixture. As it dries it becomes a very attractive sticky texture.

And of course, because it's sticky, it is going to reel in every new piece of dirt and soil brought in.

From our defiled shoes and feet, effortless food droppings, lurking dust from the settling air, frightening dead skin cells, or your dog Fido's hair as he bounds into the kitchen at the sound of his food hitting the bowl.

And wa-laaa- your beautiful, beloved black grout!

How can I clean the tile grout?

Well, you can certainly indulge in some awesome knee-to-tile action by getting in there with a toothbrush. But, we like to think that simply calling the Zerorez® professionals will be much cheaper than the knee-replacement surgery you would need down the road.

We suggest having your tile and grout professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. So in the meantime, to further avoid that mischievous residue, simply mop your floors with warm water only. No soap Sally, we mean it! That's an order!

We have the Zero Residue® clean you are looking for!

The Zerorez patented cleaning system uses Zr™ Water at a high, but safe, pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout. Our Zero Residue® technology will remove soil build up in the blackened grout, bringing your tile and stone to "like new" appearance.

When floors are Zerorezified® and then sealed with our proprietary surface sealer* there is an invisible barrier created that can block stain penetrations and leave your floors easier to clean and maintain.

And even better than that?

There are no soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals used in our cleaning process, so you can count on a more smooth and hygienic surface that is safe for all members of the family. Our technology protects your home and the environment!

Check out this before and after:

So go ahead and book today and get your clean, white tile grout back!

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