Fabric Protector

Your home is a place full of many memories and… well, messes. Between pets sleeping on your shag rug and children spilling their applesauce on the couch, the surfaces in your home will face a fair amount of stains. They will also face a lot of wear and tear. Now, everyone knows that Zerorez® Indianapolis is widely known for being the best carpet cleaner, but did you know that we also offer fiber protectant? Fiber protectant acts as a shield for surfaces to help protect against spills, stains, and erosion. It also helps lengthen the lifespan of the fabric. In addition, it replenishes and improves the soil resistance and stain protection that came in your carpet when it was new.


The carpet-making process is not a simple one. To help improve the quality and longevity of the carpets they make, manufacturers apply protectants to them. When your home has brand new carpet, not only is it its cleanest, it is also the most protected! Unfortunately, carpets do wear out over time. This is where fiber protectors come in!

Fiber protectants make any spills less likely to penetrate the carpet fibers, which means they'll be easier to clean up - and even lengthen the time needed in between professional cleanings! These types of services can also prolong the life of your carpets by keeping them looking newer longer. Not only is applying fiber protectant after cleaning more economical than replacing carpets frequently, but it reduces landfill waste as well! Getting fiber protectant applied again to your carpets after a professional carpet cleaning service from Zerorez Indianapolis is beneficial because carpet cleaning removes protectant.


Much like carpets, area rugs of all kinds also benefit from fiber protectant. In fact, area rugs are much more delicate than carpets, increasing the need for added protection. Rugs can be pretty expensive, so applying fiber protectant before spills or stains happen will ensure that the investment is protected. Fiber protectors can shield from sun fading and keep the colors in your rug vibrant. Most rugs do not come with protection on them, so getting that extra layer of protection will go a long way.


There is an exponential amount of upholstery fabric types, textures, and colors. Although most upholstered furniture comes with a protectant, that layer of protection does not last very long. Upholstered fabrics tend to be relatively flat and thin compared to both carpet and rugs, and the protector tends to wear off much quicker, especially in the high contact areas such as seat and back cushions and armrests. Therefore, re-application of a protector to upholstered fabric is critical to the long-term performance of the fabric.

Premium Fiber Protector

The Zerorez Fiber Protector is the leading protector on the market. Not only can it restore your carpet to the protection it had when it was brand new, it is effective. This means that it is safe for your whole family and the environment! Our protector repels grime and dust, while also resisting oil adhesion, making your surfaces easier to clean and harder to stain. Zerorez Fiber Protector is the only protectant that uses Acid Dye Blockers to prevent common spills from penetrating and staining the carpet. What better way to help extend the life of your carpet and upholstery, than with Zerorez Fiber Protector?

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