How to Avoid Residue in Your Carpet

Residue is the bane of a carpet's existence. It is one of the fastest ways to decrease the life of a carpet as it causes all kinds of dirt, bacteria, grime, and general filth to gather in your carpet. The irony is that most residue ends up in a carpet with the original purpose of cleaning the carpet. Yes, you read that right. Residue is usually a problem caused by cleaning. Let's go over some of the most common mistakes carpet owners make that leaves behind residue.

Trusting DIY "hacks":

In the last decade, we have seen the rise of DIY "hacks" that promise to help us get through life's chores faster than ever. Some are actually pretty good. Others are a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe the worst we have seen is using Blue Dish Soap to clean up carpet stains.

As a carpet professional, I cringe reading and watching these videos. Putting dish soap into a carpet is like pouring residue into your carpet, it is tough to get it all out. Within just a few short days, the area where dish soap was used can begin to turn dark as every dust particle that blows past this sport seems to become attracted to it. There is no reason to use dish soap on your carpet. We don't blame you if you have done this before, it seems obvious to use soap to clean. However, in carpet's case, you will cause more damage than good in the long run.

Using a Rental Carpet Cleaner

Rental carpet cleaners come with a great price, but a lot of residue. Rental carpet cleaners leave customers with little control on things like surfactant to water ratio, heat, and pressure. Besides, they require cleaning agents that, even when used properly, will leave behind a sticky residue. Your carpets may look decent when you are done with them, but will quickly gather dirt with the residue left behind.

Using a pet spot cleaner when pets soil the carpet

When your pet has an accident, an illusion is created that causes carpet owners to think the accident is contained in a small spot. On the surface, your carpet only appears to be wet in one spot. In reality, urine has gone down into the backing of the carpet and has spread out underneath the carpet. A pet spotter will only help if a minimal amount of urine is dripped onto the carpet. If a dog relieves itself on the carpet, a pet spotter kit will not help. Instead, urine will dry and become an odorous, bacteria-attracting residue deep within your carpet. There are a few ways we deal with this at Zerorez®, but the most common is our level 2 pet treatment that requires flooding the carpet with ourZr™ Water and using a high powered suction device that pulls the water and urine out of the carpet.

Using a discount Carpet Cleaner

Discount carpet cleaners rely on volume of sales vs. repeat customers, so getting in, shampooing the carpet, and sucking it up as fast as possible is what they do. You may pay a lower price in the beginning, but residue always bites back. Soon you will see your carpets begin to darken again, and you'll have to call out a carpet cleaner sooner, which means you pay more than if you called Zerorez in the first place.

When it comes to avoiding residue trust Zerorez, No Residue® is our name! We have developed a patented system that allows us to clean your carpets, leaving Zero Residue® behind. When you use Zerorez, your carpets stay cleaner and last longer than if you used a soap/shampoo cleaning. It also means our process is entirely safe for children and pets, rest easy knowing we don't use harsh chemical cleaners. Finally, we rely on repeat business, which means we want to give you an excellent experience every time you use us. To do that, we have trained technicians who know the best way to treat your carpet and make recommendations on how to make it last longer.

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