How to Clean Edges of Carpet

Many homeowners get frustrated trying to figure out how to clean carpet edges. It's fast to whip up the vacuum to clean the majority of your carpet, but how does one clean the dirt and grime or black along the edges of the carpet?

Luckily, a few simple tips can help you figure out the best way to clean carpet edges without feeling like you're losing your mind.

Why do my carpet edges look black and dirty?

The easy answer might just be because the edges are dirty, but sometimes, there can be other reasons as to why carpet edges look stained or black.

Dirt and Grime

When you vacuum, you're sucking up the dirt and grime, but that powerful feature on your vacuum likely doesn't get into the cracks. If you're seeing dark edges, it's likely a build-up of dust over the years.


Depending on the thickness of your carpet, it might actually just be a shadow that you're seeing. Get down close to the edge and the wall and see if you can tell. You might just be seeing a shadow, and there isn't anything that actually needs to be done.

Filtration Soiling

Just think of this as the accumulation of pollen, dust particles, oils, and more. It's a little bit more than just dirt, and it's the most common reason for dark lines on the edge of carpeting.

white end table with white flowers in a glass vase on top, next to a white bed set on a white bed frame on a white textured carpet edges

How to clean the edge of carpet

Seeing the darkening around the edges of the carpet doesn't mean that the carpet is ruined.

With a few simple tips, you might be able to get rid of that stress point in the room quickly.

Carpet Edge Cleaning Tool

Using the regular upright part of the vacuum isn't going to work when it comes to vacuuming right up tight to the wall. Vacuum with the right attachment! A carpet edge cleaning tool - or carpet edge cleaner or carpet edge tool - is specialized designed to clean the edges of carpet along baseboards.

They are typically slim, compact, and narrow, perfect for getting in those tight spaces around furniture and can have slightly curved shape and/or soft bristles on the end to help dislodge dirt and dust along the carpet edges.

Pull out the skinny carpet edge tool, or extension piece, and put it on the end of the vacuum hose to be able to get in and around the crack between wall and carpet.

Canister vacuums generally have these types of attachments and they are often standard on most upright vacuums.

Use and replace the air filter

Since some of the darkening can come from pollen and other particles in the air, installing a good air filter or cleaning or replacing your existing ones, can help to remove those issues, or prevent them from happening again.

If it's been several years since you've cleaned out your air ducts, it could be worth it to have your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Hire carpet cleaning professionals

For filtration soiling or other staining that may be happening along carpet edges, it's best to hire carpet cleaning professionals from Zerorez to clean your entire carpet from edge to edge. They'll use the best carpet cleaning solutions to get your entire carpet clean again in no time.

carpeted stairs with a black metal railing on the right side in need of carpet cleaning edges on stair

How to clean the edges of carpeted stairs by hand

If you have carpet on your stairs, this gives you a lot of carpet edges to keep clean! While you can use vacuums on the stairs, it might be best to clean by hand. Using a good carpet cleaning solution like a very mild soap with a stiff brush/toothbrush to clean the dark stains on the edges of your stairs will provide the best way to get them refreshed.

If you want to save your time, your back, and your knees, you can also hire the cleaning pros from Zerorez to do this for you. They'll use their own specially formulated carpet cleaning solution that is harsh chemical-free, making your carpet cleaner and safer for everyone in the house.

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