What is the black staining along the edge of my carpet & wall?

One of the most frequently asked questions when our technicians go into a home is "what is the black staining along the edge of my carpet and wall?" Well, this is called Filtration Soiling.

Filtration Soiling is common in many homes and occurs over time. Air carrying dirt and soot particles is moved through gaps in the wall and floors, and the carpet acts as a filter for those particles. Over time these particles build up along the edge of the carpet causing it to turn black because vacuums can't reach this area. The best way to keep this from happening is to make sure your furnace has a proper air filtration system and to clean it often (Zerorez Nashville offers a zerorez filter as well as air duct cleaning which will help keep this from happening).

Filtration Soiling is also prevalent in heavy traffic areas. Dirt being blown through your vents along with dirt and debris being brought in from the outside can cause heavy traffic areas to turn dark, even black, over time. The best solution to this problem is having zerorez come out and clean it using our Zr Clean™. Our system will loosen up the dirt ground deep into the carpet as well as pull the staining from the heavy traffic areas. In order to keep the staining from coming back, make sure you walk on the carpet with bare feet or socks and vacuum the heavy traffic areas at least two times a week.

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