Love My Pet, Not Their Hair

With the winter months fast approaching California, your pet will be spending less time outdoors and more time inside. I know we don't have extreme weather but our pets are weather wimps just like we are. When temps drop into the 60's we pull out our sweaters and boots. Our pets put on their winter coats and with that comes more dirt and more pet hair. This can quickly accumulate on your furniture and floors. Your pet's winter coat can not only end up on your household surfaces, it can also reappear once your furnace kicks on. Here are a few ways that you can get the upper hand on pet cleaning and your pet's winter shedding.

Stop Dirt Before It Gets Inside

There is no question that your dog will have to be let outside several times a day for exercise and to go to the bathroom. While you can't completely avoid loose hair and dirt from entering your home, you can try to trap as much of it outside as possible. Set up a small pet cleaning station just outside your back door or in the entryway that your dog uses to come back inside. Have a brush and washcloth ready. A quick brushing and a good wipe down is the best way to keep extra hairs and dirt at bay. Giving your favorite pooch a bath as often as possible is another way to really control an excessive winter coat issue. Cats manage to keep themselves relatively clean if they are inside cats but still drop hair as their coats thicken for winter.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Even when you do everything possible to keep your pets from shedding excessively, hair can get into the air. If it isn't trapped while dusting or vacuuming, it will likely end up in your furnace's air ducts. Having them cleaned professionally by a Zerorez® pro is a good way to eliminate them permanently. Clean air ducts will help eliminate stray hairs, dust mites and other debris that can get into the air.

Control Odors

Smells can creep up when pets come in after being outdoors. These odors can make your home seem messy and smelly. Zerorez uses a Zr™ Water technology solution which doesn't leave a wet dog smell in your house. It brings a clean, fresh smell without having to add deodorizers like other cleaning systems.

Spot Clean Frequently

Muddy paw prints, hairballs and bodily fluids are common with almost every dog owner. If your dog leaves his love behind on your carpet, couches and flooring, you'll want to spot clean as these issues arise. Your Zerorez technician will carry a spotter kit you can purchase for spot cleaning between cleanings. If the problem is extreme Zerorez has a great pet friendly treatment.

While vacuuming, dusting, and proper grooming of your dog is the best way to stay on top of a powerful winter coat, calling the team at Zerorez will help you regain the appearance of your home.
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